What’s the Biggest Issue in Your Marriage? Real Women Tell Us Theirs

ANGRY COUPLEThere is one thing every married person will tell you: marriage is hard. Anyone in the midst of that proverbial honeymoon period may have a hard time believing that, though. Those first few months after you tie the knot, you truly understand the notion of wedded bliss. But once life starts to settle in, some inevitable problems crop up for most couples. We asked married women about the biggest issues in their marriages and here's what they had to say:

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  1. Money, money, money. We can barely even talk about it in an objective, budget-discussing sense without getting all testy and defensive. So much emotional murk tied to money.
  2. It's kind of cliche, but he leaves his sh*t everywhere!
  3. He never goes to our kids' school activities or plays.
  4. Our marriage has three people -- me, my husband, and his mother.
  5. Tempering our expectations of one another. Often we will "expect" the other person to do things in the way that we would have done it, be it showering the kids or acknowledging a birthday, or having dinner on the table after a particularly hard day. And when that doesn't happen, coming back from that disappointment is hard. But we set ourselves up for it a lot of the time because maybe the other person didn't realize you wanted things done in a certain way or maybe our expectations are unfair and unrealistic.
  6. He doesn't want any more kids, but I want just one more.
  7. I figured this out a little too late, but I don't think we are actually sexually compatible.
  8. We don't spend enough alone time with each other. Between work, kids, and house stuff, I feel like I never see him.
  9. He doesn't help enough around the house. It's like he thinks the dishes miraculously wash themselves. When I ask him to help out, he says that he's too tired. Like I'm not!
  10. Too much time together. I have NO breathing room.
  11. He never tells me what he is thinking. It's like talking to a stone wall sometimes.
  12. He snores as loud as a freight train and won't do anything about it.
  13. He is obsessed with sports. He even tried to miss our child's birthday party because of some playoff game. I'm like, what's more important here?
  14. He doesn't respect my career goals as much as his own.
  15. He spends way too much time at strip clubs.
  16. He is Facebook friends with his ex-girlfriend. Sorry, but that's not okay.
  17. We never go on dates anymore. It's just work, home, work, home. Where's the excitement in that?
  18. He's never around. Sometimes I feel like a single mom.
  19. We never have sex. Like ever. It's like we are roommates.
  20. This may sound small, but it drives me nuts. He NEVER replaces the toilet paper roll. He will even open a package and use a new roll and just place it on the counter instead of in the holder. WHY???!!!

What's the biggest issue in your marriage?

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B1Bomber B1Bomber

We've only been married three years. No time yet for "issues" to arise. We're still in the honeymoon stage, and our kids are still adorable babies.

Marcela Blunck Bowidowicz

We've only been married a couple of years, but we've been living together for about 4. Overall, I don't think marriage is really all that hard or all that different from when we weren't married. I also think a lot of the issues mentioned could happen even if the couple wasn't married.

I honestly understand that relationships can go through rough patches and that it might be hard at times, but I don't believe marriage is something that is hard all the time, otherwise why would anyone stay married? Who knows, maybe I'll feel differently in 10 years.

Kaela Wheeler

My husband and I always say, "Marriage isn't hard, life is hard." We're coming up on 7 years, so I wouldn't say it's the honeymoon phase anymore. Finances, job changes, kid troubles, health crisis, all that crap life throws at you is hard, but I think a good marriage makes it easier to face. With that attitude, something like his complete inability to find anything not in plain sight is hardly even an annoyance (most of the time, lol).

EmmaZate EmmaZate

Tbh, my husband and I don't have many problems. We rarely fight anymore. All of our problems seem to stem from things we can't control, and after getting the initial dislike or heartache off our chests we are good.

Amber Bilyeu

I honestly don't think marriage is different from dating. I lived with my hubby for 3 years before we got married and already had a son. we waited for him to be old enough to be in the wedding before getting married. it doesn't feel any different other than having a different last name and doing taxed together. And i honestly think our lives are better since getting married. :)

nonmember avatar NS

Can someone tell me why it's such a big deal to be friends with an ex on Facebook?!?! I just don't get it. It just seems so insecure, like "Oh our relationship is so unstable that if you even talk to your ex, you're going to fall back in love with her and leave me."

hexxuss hexxuss

NS - you're dead on the money on that one... the ex on FB isn't the issue - it's the fact that their relationship has OBVIOUS trust issues.  Back in the MySpace days, before FB, my BF still had his ex-gf as his #1 friend & a rotating picture compilation of her, AND all the pictures of her with the cute little sayings he went through the effort of making (he made the rotating thing too.  He even changed his status to 'single' after she got married - and it was only THEN that he removed his shrine to her on there...  it's obvious he was still hung up BADLY on her.  If the FB thing is like THAT, I can see being upset, but I'm friends with several of my exes on FB, most are happily married as well - they'll always be in my heart, just not in a romatic way lol (one feels like a brother now, hard to believe we ever dated! lol)

nonmember avatar mary

no sex

TFour TFour

We have been married for 18 years. We are both friends with our ex's on Facebook. The only way that would be a problem is if we let it be a problem. If you have issues with him being friends with his ex, you have way bigger problems hiding behind it. Either he is yours or he isn't.


Angie... AngieHayes

I am glad my husband doesn't like sports, at all. 

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