15 Shocking Things Women Let Their Husbands Get Away With

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no prob"Pick your battles." We've all heard that old adage before and it is never more important to remember than when you are in a relationship. Once the proverbial honeymoon stage is over, you will likely find that there are things that your man does that are downright annoying (and sometimes questionable). Though, most woman say it's best not to nitpick over every every little thing, especially if you feel that you've landed a really good guy. Some will even make excuses for his behavior. Take a look at the most surprising things women tell us they let their men get away with.
  1. Sports obsession. You may hate sports but you will endure endless hours of hockey, baseball, and football to spend time with him.
  2. Scratchy facial hair. What's a little discomfort if he likes the way he looks or is too tired to shave.
  3. Not calling you back right away. He was probably just busy.
  4. Canceling last minute.
  5. Blowing you off for his buds. He needs his guy time, after all.
  6. Forgetting your anniversary. He'll remember next year.
  7. Flirting with other women when he’s tipsy. He would never do that if he was sober.
  8. Borrow money and not pay it back.
  9. Being rude to your friends. They are kinda annoying.
  10. Asking you to change the way you dress.
  11. Sending playful text to a coworker.
  12. Never treating you to dinner (thanks feminism).
  13. Being late all the time.
  14. Not wanting to spend time with your family.
  15. Hanging out with his ex-girlfriend.

Hmm. I bet some of these are dealbreakers for many woman. I know they would for me.

Could you tolerate these things? What other things do we let our guys get away with?


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B1Bomber B1Bomber

These are definitely not all on the same level. Scratchy facial hair =/= being rude to your friends.

katyq katyq

My husband doesn't do that shit. Wtf? And i certainly wouldnt tolerate it. The facial hair thing is hot.

JS0512 JS0512

I agree with B1Bomber, these things are NOT on the same level.  And katyq is right.  Facial hair is hot and the scratchiness doesn't bother me, I love it.  A woman doesn't own her man anymore than he owns her.  He's his own person and if he wants to go out with his friends, no one needs to "let" him.  WTF?

Kings... KingsleysMommy

Yeah....I must live in a different world. The sports I like too, so no biggie. Facial hair, I can deal with. Everything else will be dealt with when and if it happens.

nonmember avatar Summer

We both watch basketball, so that is ok. He is always clean shaven for work and the rest are just ridiculous! So no way!!! No way would I be married to a man-child.

nonmember avatar samana

These sound like things she doesn't like about HER husband. My hubs does over half of these things, and gasp! It's no big deal. Depends on who you ask!

nonmember avatar Jleigh

borrowing money? really wtf... you're married it's both of your money... and #12? So he's supposed to "pay" for your dinner, but when you throw up the cash for something he's got to pay you back... hmmm sounds like a whiny Girlfriend and not a wife who understands the partnership of marriage.

cleig... cleigh717

Yea the majority of these things seem like gf gripes not gripes from a wife. Really flirting with other women while drunk?! I dont flirt with other men whenmim drunk. On what planet is that acceptable aftr he putsa ring on it?

nonmember avatar Charlotte

Think it's funny that the facial hair thing is on the same list as asking you to change the way you dress. If he doesn't get a say in your appearance you don't get one in his.

Vanessa Poholek Fasanella

I guess I hit the husband jackpot, because my husband only occasionally has stubble, and doesn't do any of the other things!

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