'The Mistress Contract' Could Be the Next '50 Shades of Grey' -- But Wives Won’t Be Happy

mistress contractIf Fifty Shades of Grey has taught us anything, it's that we love naughty sex. Of course that doesn't always have to involve whips, chains, and nipple clamps. In fact, the book being touted as big as or even bigger than the saga of Christian and Ana is The Mistress Contract, a memoir detailing a real contract between a married man and the other woman. It basically lays out everything she will get from him financially in return for being his dedicated booty call. Crazy? Well, it may not be as bad or as scandalous as you may think.

The one-page letter laid out how their relationship would work. In exchange for the mistress's services and becoming his "sexual property," he would, in turn, compensate her with "tasteful accommodations to her liking" and also foot the bill for their outings. On top of that, the woman wrote she would perform "all sexual acts as requested, with suspension of historical, emotional, psychological disclaimers."

I know what you are thinking -- this is basically a contract for prostitution. But I beg to differ. Why isn't it good, practical business sense? These kinds of unspoken deals happen all the time in relationships. You get serious with a guy and you expect him to buy you things, take care of you. Certainly many mistresses do too. So if you are going to debase yourself and be with a married man, why not have a little insurance?

I'm not saying this is right morally. Obviously cheating on your wife or having sex with a man you know is married rarely has a happy ending for anyone involved. But somehow the presence of this contract has helped give their arrangement longevity. Perhaps it was having such a clear set of rules and expectations set in place that kept them so willing to be together. She is now 88 and he is 93 and they are still in contact over 30 years after their affair began. It's crazy to think that most marriages don't even make it to year 5 and here they are still going strong. Bet Christian and Ana can't top that!

What do you think of the mistress contract?


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ashjo85 ashjo85

That...doesn't sound appealing. A lot of people don't think so, but there was a love story in 50 Shades (if you got through the "inner goddess" crap without vomiting). At least for me, that was the appealing part. There's no happy ending in a story about an affair. And I like my happy ending, dammit! Lol.

Ayesha Harrison

50 Shades may have been a bit freaky but at the heart of the book was a story of redemption, not to mention the happy ending. How can an illict relationship have a happy ending? No matter what someone will be hurt because it begins with someone being hurt.   

Anyway, most men aren't really interested in reading (especially not any type of romance novel), so the
target audience are women, and not too many women will want to read about this type of relationship, I for one definitely will not.

Naomi Rogers

if we speak of real life, there are many cases of men living two lives at the same time, having two families, Nothing new. It's happened before, happens now and will happen. Life is not a fairy tale, and this book reflects in a way what happens in life,

Olivia Simmons Lukert

I just would love for EL James to publish Christian Grey's side of it so we can hear his thoughts on it all that would be an Epic read as well !!! I can not wait for more on the two of them Christian and Ana and Epic Love story please do not mess it up with an affair i would read it just because but im sure i would be upset may be upset may even cry ...However the movie is going to be awesome Ian Somerhalder would be a great Christian Grey ...js


Donnitta Brown

You can find The contracts on line...some of them are listed slave contracts...Look under the Books of gor..goreen...It is a type of life style that has contracts for it..it has the limits the submissive would accept or not accept...its no different then when you first meet and start dating and you verbaly discuss it..this is just put down in writing...so there is no mistakes in what to expect..it save argument on what was or was not said..

Pat Powers

Oh, they come out with this "next Fifty Shades of Grey" line every time some publicist has book they want to flog that's not absolutely innocuous. This book sounds like crap.

youth... youthfulsoul

Yes you are right. It does sound exactly like a prostitution contract. 

nonmember avatar Kristi

Wow you 50 fans can be rabid lol. Either way like it or not this is something we all do, we just don't put it in writing. Not on these terms exactly, but you enter into a relationship and you do (or should) talk to your new partner about things like who's going to pay for what, whos going to be responsible for what around the house, that kind of thing. This just pointed out something about sex. However distasteful you find the idea of someone having or being a mistress isn't the point. I really wish people would stop shouting from the rooftops that a book is going to be the next 50.... as if that is something to aspire to.

Wanda Czechan

forget it nothing is gonna top 50 shades

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