8 Wedding Plans a Single Woman Has No Business Making

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two women buying wedding dressThe wedding industrial complex -- which feeds off of women's wildest fantasies about "Big Perfect Day" -- is rocking it so hard these days that apparently, even single women who are two or three steps and several years away from getting married are planning their weddings ...

A highly scientific, reputable (uh huh) poll by MyVoucherCodes.co.uk of over 2K single British women recently came out with some crazy findings, like ... 45 percent knew what their bridesmaids would be wearing, and 47 percent had designed which engagement/wedding rings they wanted to receive, etc. Most worryingly, over one-third said they BOUGHT their dream dress. Oy, please say this is a bunch of made-up nonsense! I understand dreaming about your Big Day before you've got a ring on it -- or even a prospective groom -- but ladies, come on now! Here, eight wedding plans that you simply shouldn't make if you're still single ...

  1. Saying yes to ANY dress. I understand there are certain scenarios where maybe you're with your best friend or sister who is getting married, and there's a trunk show, and you've been coveting that exact designer gown for a year now, and so you figure you'll just lay down the dough and snag it now. But ... don't. Dress regret is a very real, difficult, EXPENSIVE thing many brides-to-be deal with. You never know how you'll feel about that gown months or years down the road. It's way too big an investment to jump the gun on.
  2. Putting a deposit on a venue. You might worry that it's going to book up fast, but believe me -- you're best choosing this one with that future potential partner. The experience of choosing your venue together is one of the best parts of planning (and one of the only parts your future husband may actually enjoy!).
  3. Designing your engagement ring/wedding band. It's one thing to know what styles you like (vintage, modern, classic, simple solitare, etc.). It's quite another to forge into blueprint territory.
  4. Writing out your guest list. Worries about your own family dynamics in the context of a big family event are totally normal. Getting into the specifics of how you're going to deal with all of that well before you've got an actual wedding to plan = just plain masochistic!
  5. Interviewing vendors. Maybe you want to have all your ducks in a row so when the time is right, all you have to do is email over a signed contract. But there's noooo need to make contact! Stick to WeddingWire reviews. That's what the Internet is there for.
  6. Chatting with a travel agent about a honeymoon. Again, stick to web research for a far less awkward result.
  7. Buying a Groupon for a wedding photo booth/photographer/limo service, etc. That expiration date may be so far out that it looks super appealing, but remember, there will be new deals in the months/years ahead ...
  8. Registering. You may figure your future husband will not give two hoots about china patterns, decorative vases, or flatware. You may be 100 percent correct. Restrain yourself anyway.

What are some other pre-engagement (or pre-prospective husband!) no-nos when it comes to planning a wedding? Do you believe that some single women are really taking things as far as the poll suggests?

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kckcm2 kckcm2

Aside from dropping real money, I don't see a problem with the things on this list. I agree with the venue and the dress but that's about it. Knowing what you want can make the real life planning soooooooooo much less stressful. As long as you're prepared to change the plans when push comes to shove, having a plan is never a bad place to be.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Not me. Before I got engaged I had no intention of ever marrying.

2cent... 2centsCDN

I think the whole idea of weddings has gone too far, its too over the top. If more people concentrated on the marriage and the relationship instead of that one day we would see a lot less divorce.

Shandi80 Shandi80

Weddings have become so complicated.

Roses... Rosesandlilys

As a single girl I was extremely ready to yell at you, but holy crap single women really put DEPOSITS on VENUES? Thats insanity.


I just don't have a problem with some of these.I mean really,don't design a ring?Writing out a guest list? Maybe there should be a list of things that married women shouldn't tell singles not to do.

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