Sex Confession: Married Couple Loves Skinny Dipping With the Neighbors

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pool night"Sex Confessions" is a series featuring your naughtiest bedroom secrets and fantasies. Some will sound familiar, others may give you ideas, some will turn you on, and some are dark and twisted. You might want to sit down for this.

There are daytime pool parties and there are nighttime pool parties. And apparently sometimes during those after dark swims after the kids go to bed, things get R-rated. That's what happened to Julie* and Kevin* when they started inviting their new neighbors over to use the pool. It started getting later and later. More drinks were poured. And the bathing suits came off. Time for some skinny dipping! Let's hear what Julie has to say about all of this.

I would never consider myself the adventurous type. I'm a mom of two. Adventure for me is killing spiders. I don't like roller coasters, prefer bland foods, and am drunk after a half a glass of wine. Kevin and I have a great sex life but we are kind of vanilla. So if you ever said to me that I'd be skinny dipping in my pool with neighbors I barely knew, I'd tell you to have your head examined. But that's exactly what went down.

Roger* and Lily* moved in two houses down a few months ago. They seemed nice and moved from across the country due to a job relocation and didn't know anyone in the area. Lily and I spoke a few times about my kids. She really wants to have some and she and Roger were waiting until after this job change to start trying. I liked her right away -- very sweet and easy to talk to. Kevin and I ended up inviting them over for a barbecue and told them to bring bathing suits. They ended up staying for hours and hours because we were all having so much fun chatting and hanging out. My kids had gone to bed and time just ticked by with the four of us adults talking and drinking.

We ended up in the pool. Naked. I think Roger playfully untied Lily's bathing suit top and she did nothing to stop it. Kevin did the same to me. We all just swam around. No touching, nothing sexual though there was that sexual tension in the air (or pool) that comes with being naked in front of other people.

This ended up happening another time, a week later, too. It was freeing and fun and silly but sexy. I felt weird about it at first, but just when I thought about it the next day. I'm wondering if this will keep happening whenever they come over to swim. I don't want it to turn into anything but some skinny dipping but I'm slightly worried it will. Still, not worried enough to say no nude swimming. My husband feels the same way I do. For now, we're having fun with it.

What do you think? Too crazy to skinny dip with the neighbors?


*Names have been changed.

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nonmember avatar BostonBob

If you like it, just relax and enjoy. Don't feel pressure if you don't want to do anything more.

Of course my neighbors aren't that good looking and I'd NEVER want to see them naked.

nonmember avatar ellie

uh, I don't find this particularly sexual. naked !=sex. we just came back from a clothing-optional resort which we go to with our kids, and there are a lot of other families with kids there. it's emphasized that there is to be absolutely NO sexual activity of any kind in public. if this is your idea of "wild", i suggest getting out of the house more often.

Robert Palmer

Nude is not lewd. you'd be surprised how many other couples swim nude with friends or neighbors and it never goes any further. My suggestion would be to take off the bathing costume before going into the water. That way you won't have wet clothes to bother about. Also, visit the website for AANR, the american society for nude recreation. Just see what you've been missing. Again, nude is not lewd unless you make it so with a dirty mind.

Ruth Ferreira

There is a name for this: Swinging. Most swingers are people over 40 who have been married for a number of years. They are looking for something to spice up their lives and this will do the trick.

BGarcel BGarcel

It sounds like they're having fun!

chelsy92 chelsy92

if i wasnt such a hater i would but i dont want my man seeing another naked woman i cant et over it it drives me nuts !

Donald Thomason

There is nothing wrong with it. God made us nude and without bathing suits/clothes. Sinners created clothes.

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