7 Things Women Think Are Sexy That Men Actually Hate

fishnetsWe've heard a lot of women complain that when it comes to romance, their men just don't get it right. True, there is nothing sexy about getting a dishwasher for your 10th anniversary gift. But our guys aren't the only ones who get it wrong sometimes. Take a look at the 7 things women mistakenly think are sexy.

What other things should be on this list?


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nonmember avatar Lily

Women think this? I think you mean (some) young girls. I don't know a single woman who think any of these are even REMOTELY attractive.

Kelsey Saunders

The Duckface needs to be on here.

BGarcel BGarcel


Knitt... KnittyTina

Ha ha!  I've got a sister who does the whole pout thing and she does it ALL the time.  So annoying.  She  gives me the pout when I don't want to do something for her, and it kind of turns my stomach. 

Judy Pope

dressing like a tramp.

Joseand Alejandra Martinez

I love how women think they can speak for men... I'm not going to lie some of these things annoy me but I know some men annitiate these things.  Fact is people are different and everyone has different prefrences...  You don't like seeing others girls do those things with their partner? Get over it... Worry about your relationship not hers.

Candace Jennings

I baby talk to my fiancé, because I know he hates it. heehe.

purra... purracious

I just love how you think you know what all men like and don't like. Your man isn't like my man so how the hell do you know what my man likes? He finds my pout adorable, we like that mushy baby talk and i may not have those monster melons but my breasts are definitely a handful and just right for his picking. You pompous, air-headed stooge, you don't know what ALL men want. Which is what i think the title of your article implies, you don't understand that every man is different. You'd rather believe that you can fit them into a box and say that if one if them likes one thing then they all like that one thing. Wrong. Pull the tapeworm out of your ass and grow up.

purra... purracious

Well no wonder, you used to work for people mag, live in New York (probably in the yuppy part), own an annoying small dog and have an addiction to reality TV. You're shallow and superficial. You fuel the problem with society. Good job.

nonmember avatar Lord K

Hahahaha sounds like purracious gots a big stick up her butt.

As a MAN, and not a loser nice guy, I agree with this 100%. I dump women for much less, so yeah, women who do this are ANNOYING. Only a wussy boy finds any of these attractive and even then they only say they do because they are desperate and clingy. Real men think these items are childish, lame, and really stupid.

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