7 Things Every Husband Needs to Be Able to Do (PHOTOS)

husbands can doWe live in a world where men and women can really basically do anything the other can do. A dad can stay at home with the kids while the mom goes out every day to her job as a CEO or vice versa. Women can fix cars and men can do the dishes.

Still, there are some old gender roles that fit quite nicely and some that aren't about gender at all. They are just about the qualities we like to see in our significant others. We want to be complimented and made to feel like we are taken care of. There are things all wives should know how to do, too, but we are focused on the old hubbies.

Here are 7 things all husbands need to know how to do by the time they get married. They may seem outdated, but trust me, you will thank me. See below:

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sylph... sylph_ironlight

I don't think this list should be things that MEN should know. This list should be things that EVERYONE should know. Sure, it's nice to have your partner do it for you, but you shouldn't have to rely on them to do it. Know how to do it yourself, and if they beat you to it, awesome.

LadyM... LadyMinni

You should obviously have some shows in common, but no way should a woman try to make her husband watch a chick flick or a reality show. If he already likes those, great! If not you shouldn't try to make him. Some people think such things are garbage.

Here's one for the list: Learn how to change a tire. It was the funniest thing in the world when my fiance and I had a tire blow and I had to talk him through changing it onto the doughnut. I'd have just done it myself, but I'm not supposed to lift heavy things. Everyone should know how to change a tire, but the one with the muscle needs to know more.

Paws84 Paws84

Liked this article.... I used to tell my husband that he didn't have to watch this reality show that I was into with me but he said he wanted to because when football season comes around, he likes me to watch his team with him rather than go upstairs and watch something else. Even though I could care less about football, I make an effort now to not dread it because it's still spending time together and he's happy to do it for me. 

MrsRo... MrsRoberts413

First of all, the only thing I disagree with is reality tv-nobody needs to watch that junk!  Secondly, these are all things that women need to know how to do, as well!  I lived on my own from age 19 to 24, when I married my husband, and I can fix a variety of toilet and basic vehicular problems, I know how to change fuses and unclog drains, I know how to do that stuff because my daddy raised me right so that I could!  While yes, it's nice to have a husband who can do all that, women need to know it just as much!

Monica Curry

Amean MrsRobers413!!!  My daddy wouldn't even let me get my drivers license until I learned out to change my oil and a flat tire!!!  This list is silly.  Yes, it's nice if a man can fix dinner for a change, but it's not a deal breaker for a happy marriage.  I'm more concerned about how he treats me and our children.  That's what's important. 

Tamara Mixon

I think what she means is that a husband should be able to do these things, granted most everyone should do them but no one wants a man who never takes out the garbage, or can cook a meal when your feeling unwell. As far as reality TV we don't watch it but we make it a rule that if he watches something I enjoy I will watch something he enjoys usually sports or something on ESPN. As far as the toilet, no way I could lift one if it's the wax ring, & have you priced a plumber? Husbands and wifes are to support and depend on one another when they need help. And if you have a good man who works and helps around the house he's usually a keeper.

Andrea Byrd Plate

Monica Curry, is your dad related to my dad?  Before he'd let me take my driving test he made sure I knew how to check and change the oil, change a tire and drive a stick shift.  As far as the TV thing goes, my husband and I have some shows we both like to watch, but we both also have shows we enjoy on our own.

Monica Curry

LOL, @Andrea Byrd Plate...  They might have been.  He would not budge on the conditions that he set for me when it came to driving.  He never made me learn to drive a stick (I'm 35 and still don't know how to drive a stick) but the rest he said I had to know before he'd let me drive.

Mille... Millertime77

Well, I drive a five speed, manual transmission car and I'm a WOMAN!! But, no, my husband cannot drive my car!! He can fix the toilet, take out the trash and make one signature meal--so not bad.  But, my son will be able to do all those things-and I'm going to teach him to sew and to knit! :)

nonmember avatar MMP

Wow, all of the relationship advice I have seen so far on this site has been REALLY sexist and outdated. All husbands should be able to make TWO meals?? How about every non-incapacitated adult should know how to cook a modest repertoire of decent meals, you are a friggin' adult for crying out loud. There are free recipes & tutorial videos online GALORE so there is simply no excuse. If you are skating by in life ordering out every meal, or expecting someone else to cook for you, or only eating the same 2 meals over & over, you need to get your friggin' head out of your rear and grow the f#$k up.

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