Men Apparently Only Want to Marry 'Masculine' Women -- Are You Buying This?

Good news for single ladies with manly features -- men want to marry you! A new study says that when it comes to picking a wife, men tend to go for women with "chiseled faces with more masculine undertones" rather than women with "soft, delicate feminine features." Those women are apparently reserved for flings. But when dudes put a ring on it, they like the manly faces. Obviously, this isn't an across the board rule. Beyonce got a ring, and she's no butter face. Ditto Kate Middleton. I could name a bunch of other married celebrity women who are as delicate and feminine looking as petals. But, I gotta say ... I agree with this study. I seen it with my own eyes, I tells ya!

As my friends and acquaintances all begin to settle down and get married, I'm noticing a distinct trend. Guys are dumping their delicate-featured girlfriends (or she gets fed up with his commitmentphobia and dumps him) and they are turning around and marrying the next chick they date ... and that next chick has a certain look about her. A strong, long jaw. A biggish nose. A large forehead. In short ... kinda manly. They are also usually taller and thicker than the petite girlfriend the guy had for many years but wouldn't marry.

Kind of interesting because you would expect the opposite, right? But apparently guys don't want to marry the supermodel. They just wanna buff her chuff. When it comes to marriage, men want a horse face in the carriage. The study concluded:

Men are subconsciously pushed toward marrying the less attractive because they believe these women will be more faithful.

And being with a woman who is considered less faithful means that a guy could end up raising a child who isn't his own.

Personally, I thought the trend had something more to do with guys wanting more "serious" women when they were ready to settle down. Be gone, chick who has some vague job in fashion design; hello, woman who went to Harvard Law. But I guess this makes sense too.

However, since feminine-looking women are the ones guys want to have flings with, that makes me think that a manly-looking woman is more likely to be cheated on.

Paradoxically, women preferred more feminine guys for marriage, and more masculine guys for flings. But for the same reason -- more manly men were considered more likely to cheat.

Or we could all just say this study is a bunch of hooey and that people marry who they want, and who they love, and who knows why.

Is anyone buying this study?

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Caera Caera

"Horse face"? 

Are you fucking serious?

eupeptic eupeptic

I've mostly been under the impression that when it comes to marriage both men and women desire an attractive partner, but when they realize that people who are attractive are more likely to be selfish (as attractive people get more attention from others, and thus they are often able to demand more from others... which can create tension in a relationship) that begins to turn them away from attractive people and more towards people who are less attractive and who put more effort into attracting a partner through means other than physical appearance (such as being giving, accepting, and forgiving rather than selfish, demanding, and intolerant). I don't think that fear of a partner cheating is the main concern for most people unless they've been cheated on and took that quite personally.

LostS... LostSoul88

I guess that's what your husband did with you huh? After breaking up with his more attractive girlfriend he married your "horse face".

lulou lulou

Its been years since I read Naomi Wolfs the beauty myth, but think a lot of it still holds true today, and with just as many stereotypes bombarding us as ever - wasnt this the plot of legally blond, her janet crissy syndrome. .  Anyway, Buzzfeed had some interesting old ads.

lalab... lalaboosh

Way to be incredibly offensive and off-putting.

FourD... FourDaughtersMI

When it comes to marriage, men want a horse face in the carriage.... LMAO. You're hilarious. It's a JOKE, ladies... take it as that.

I'm suddenly happier that my forehead is a third of my face.... and my hands are large. haha

nonmember avatar sue smith

LostSoul88 - why such nasty comments? Only cowards post under fake names and put such rude comments. There's no need for it.

nonmember avatar Jenna

Horse face? lol. Jeez. Well...I have soft features but I'm also kind of masculine. It kind of sucks knowing that I'd only get hitched because I'm less attractive, therefore, more likely to be loyal. lolz. That's funny yet sad at the same time.

nonmember avatar SA

Not buying at all! Sorry people but throughout human history men have always preferred to pair-bond with feminine looking women! Not a knock on women with masculine looking faces. Men also prefer women with shapelier figures, one that I don't have. Thank goodness for my somewhat feminine features. Just remember ladies, you can't have it all so work with what you've got. No reason to be offended.

Suzanne Grizzard Brown

My boyfriend often comments that very manly women are beautiful. I have more feminine features. I actually searched the topic and found this article.

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