Woman in Vulva Costume Saves Man in Penis Costume From Angry Attacker (VIDEO)


woman and man vagina penis costumes glastonburyIt's not every day you see a woman dressed as a gigantic vulva and a man dressed as an 6-foot penis walking down the street, singing, and bantering. But Joanne Tremarco and Chris Murray thought nothing of being that vulva and that penis recently on the streets of Glastonbury, England. It was just another day promoting their upcoming performances in the show, Women Who Wank, at the Nomadic Academy for Fools. Unfortunately, their apparently too-risque costumes attracted the wrong kind of attention.

An undentified passerby "started shouting" at Murray, saying "it was disgusting and children could see us." But as offended as he was by life-size genitalia, the guy apparently takes no issue with violence, because he "grabbed [Murray's] hat, tore it off, and chucked it on the pavement." Although Murray refused to fight back, Tremarco had to step in to break it up before the conflict got out of control. Then, the cops showed up!

They told Tremarco and Murray that they would have to take the costumes off, or they could be arrested. What the heck?! So much for artistic freedom ...?

A spokeswoman for Glastonbury's Assembly Rooms where the duo's play is being staged was equally taken aback, noting:

We were deeply surprised by the reaction of the police in this situation. This is not the first time these shows have been performed here. The plays were very well attended and we experienced no trouble at the venue.

Bummer. Guess the controversial actors will have to keep those costumes "under wraps" from now on. Haa ...

Here's some potentially NSFW footage of the two out and about before they were told to ditch the costumes:


How would you have reacted if you saw these two in your town?


Image via Mike C/YouTube

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Sleep... SleepingBeautee

I would probably laugh my ass off adn cheer them on.

Emmie25 Emmie25

I'd giggle like a school girl, take a pic with them, and go on with my life.

LostS... LostSoul88

I thinks it's disgusting. 

Water... Water_geM

that must have been a comical site.

Megan Johnson

Heheheheheheh, It'll definitely get attention for your show!  I think it's clever and funny.  And anyone who is offended by a penis or a vulva needs a reality check.  

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