6 Things for Wives to Love About Their Husbands Being Out of Town


business tripI tend to get really bummed out when my husband has to go on a business trip. I know the whole "absence makes the heart grow fonder" adage, but honestly, I like my husband just fine when he is here, in my house, and snuggling next to me.

Still, since it's just a little inevitable that the hubs WILL have to be gone overnight occasionally, I try to look on the bright side as much as possible. And there is a bright side. Sure, it's harder to take care of two kids with only two hands instead of four. It's harder to keep the house clean when I have to have one eye on my kids at all times. And bed time and bath time are a comedy of errors that sometimes end in tears (mine, not theirs).

It's also much lonelier after the kids go to bed and I am left in big, empty house all by myself. Still, there are perks. Here are 6 great perks about having your husband go on a business trip:

1.) Whole bed to yourself: It's so nice to stretch out all night long without the 6'2" man hogging all the covers and rolling over on top of me in the night. I love sleeping with my man, but I also can appreciate the few days a year when I get to completely hog the bed with no repercussions.

2.) Watching chick flicks all night: We have one TV and that means 99 percent of the time, we need to agree on what is on it (or go up and use our computers to watch movies). I very much appreciate playing couch commando and watching long, weepy films without my husband's commentary or rolled eyes.

3.) No one forcing you to share your dessert: My husband is a large man. This means when we share dessert, we SHARE dessert. Annoying. Nights where he is gone, I get ALL the pie. I love it.

4.) No extra dishes or laundry: I love my husband, but oh man does he produce an insane amount of dirty socks and underwear. When he's gone, I don't have to worry about it! Of course, then he always comes back ...

5.) No one bugging you for sex: It's not that I don't like sex. I just don't want it EVERY day like my husband. It's pretty nice to not be pressured into sex for a few days every once in a while (sorry honey!).

6.) Pie for dinner: When my husband is gone, I eat whatever I want. I don't worry about creating a nice meal for him. The kids have their meals and I order pizza or eat lots of broccoli (which he hates) or just eat cookies!

Do you have any perks of your husband being gone?

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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

It's so much easier to keep the house clean. No extra mess and I can clean after the kids go to bed too. 

WifeLies WifeLies

Let's not generalize about wives being happy about "No one bugging you for sex." It's derogatory to the women/wives who are doing the "bugging" and it continues to perpetuate the myth about female sexuality that our desire and appetite for sex is "less than". 

nonmember avatar AmericanExpat

If you have to even include #5 at all on your list, either you have a serious medical problem or you simply don't love your husband...

Overthe River

Always reminded of the joke that if the children don't mind their mother while their father is gone on a trip they don't get to sleep in the same bed as mom which is a big treat. The mom and the three children show up at the airport to pick up dad from his trip and the youngest yells out "nobody slept with mom while you were gone"! Raised eyebrows indeed.

stacy... stacy76470

Yeah I dont have to listen to him bi^^ching 

stacy... stacy76470

If you have to even include #5 at all on your list, either you have a serious medical problem or you simply don't love your husband... OR.... your tired from taking care of him and the kids all day or maybe he needs a shower and your too polite to tell him he stinks. Or maybe he is too selfish in bed because if he is doing his part in bed and its not all about pleasing him its not a chore but a pleasurable experience for both parties.

nonmember avatar AMBG

^What stacy76470. Evidently whoever posted that no sex = no love or lack of wellness is a nympho. What a ridiculous generalization.

nonmember avatar AMBG

I like to crank up whatever music choice I have at the time because I don't have to worry about the volume annoying him. I also eat tuna because he's usually bothered by the smell. But that's just me....

nonmember avatar Roo

Not having to shave your legs!! :D

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