20 Things a Guy Should Have to Confess Before Having Sex

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sexy mouthAs Chris Rock once said, when a woman starts to date a guy, she meets his representative rather then the "real" person. They are  especially on their best behavior when they want to have sex with you. So we asked women what they wish they knew about a potential lover before they hoped into bed. Check out the 20 things all men should confess before sex.

  1. He also likes having sex with men,
  2. He doesn't believe in monogamy.
  3. If his freaky side goes beyond the occasional spanking. No woman wants to be surprised by chains and wipes once the lights are out.
  4. He has an incurable STD.
  5. That he doesn't always use protection.
  6. He has a small penis.
  7. He has a HUGE penis.
  8. That he's never actually given a woman an orgasm.
  9. He's a virgin.
  10. How many woman he's slept with.
  11. The craziest he's ever done in bed.
  12. The strangest place he's ever had sex. (Who knows, it could inspire you to have some out-of-the bedroom fun.)
  13. If he's ever had a threesome.
  14. If he frequently watches porn.
  15. If he's ever starred in porn.
  16. He has thin walls and nosy neighbors.
  17. What age he lost his virginity.
  18. His biggest sexual fantasy.
  19. If he is into anal sex -- either getting it or giving it.
  20. His post-sex ritual -- cuddler, sleeper, or bolter.

What other sex rules do you think men should follow?


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BGarcel BGarcel

Numbers 6, 7, 10, 13, 14, 18 a guys does not have to confess at all before you have sex with him for the first time. That being said, how do you not know some of those before having sex? Like his penis size... was there no time to fit in the foreplay before you two get it on?

Anyway, 10... what difference does it make? If he lies about it, would you be able to tell?
And number 18, you two are about to have sex for the first time, dont worry about his biggest sexual fantasy. Chances are, the relationship could be over before it happens.

nonmember avatar skipper

A guy (or girl) should always disclose if they are a virgin. It's just common courtesy. I had sex with a virgin that was two years older than me about 14 years ago and he still has feelings for me. I've been married to someone else for 10 years.

nonmember avatar blue

Seriously, I wouldn't want to be surprised by wipes!! PROOFREAD. You're getting paid to do this.

Rando... Randomlady

I would be incredibly surprised by the wipes...I'm not into diaper fetishes. And I would have hopped into bed with him instead of hoping to.

But seriously, I don't believe a guy should have to confess any of this except for the STD one. Everything else was his life before you and you should be mature enough to get past it.

nonmember avatar Katie

He should confess if he's married... And the STD thing... About it...

Sarah... SarahHall58

He doesn't have to tell me most of those things. Especially how many women he's slept with. I don't care.

Coles... Coles_mom

I have no idea how many women my husband has slept with and we've been married a decade. He doesn't know my "number" either

nonmember avatar passer

Different blogger-same male bashing! Any chance to include "size" and they jump at it,this site is worthless.Was this written by a 12 year old?

nonmember avatar Nikki

This article was all over the place. From typo's to abrupt subject changes. Is it 20 things a guy should confess to? Or is it Rules men should follow? And, umm, 'Wipes' & chains? Wtf?

nonmember avatar MrsClark

Lol! #9 happened to me. Right after I graduated Highschool, my boyfriend of 2 years and I decided to go our separate ways. This guy I grew up with told me he was in love with me. We started dating. I asked him if he had ever been with Nyone and he swore he wasn't a virgin. We had sex, and as soon as we started, I could tell he told a big fat lie! Lol. He never admitted until years later when he found me on Facebook and confessed that I was indeed his first. Lol. I never wanted to be the one to take anyones v-card. Lol

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