16 Things Husbands Shouldn't Be Able to Do Without Your Permission

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noI bet most women would say their husbands would never have a vasectomy without their permission. But a surprising number of them would be wrong. I know a man who did just that years ago and his wife still doesn't know. Outrageous, don't you think? This isn't the only major no-no for a happily married man -- or rather one who wants to stay that way. Check out the 16 things a husband should never consider doing without consulting his wife first.

  1. Dip into the retirement fund for a surefire investment opportunity.
  2. Take his entire paycheck to the casino.
  3. Buy a house. Sure, this is a sweet gesture, but what if you hate it. Or worse, what if it's next door to his mother's.
  4. Sell the house.
  5. Invite his mother to live with you.
  6. Loan his no-good brother/sister more than $50.
  7. Plan a boys weekend away. This is especially egregious if you have kids.
  8. Invite your in-laws into the birthing suite when you are in labor. 
  9. Hold a garage sale and sell some of your stuff.
  10. Paint the house a new color.
  11. Plan a party at your house that you will have to do all the cooking for.
  12. Buy a boat, sports car, or any other over-the-top luxury.
  13. Invite an ex-girlfriend over.
  14. Plan an expensive, wallet-busting vacation without asking you if it's even a place you want to go.
  15. Buy a dog. This should definitely be a joint decision, especially since you are going to be the one mostly taking care of it.
  16. Have a vasectomy (or any other major procedure that involves his private parts).

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What other things should a husband NOT do without his wife's permission?


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nonmember avatar Cass

How about changing the title to "16 things it'd be great if your husband consulted you on". You are not his mommy and he doesn't need your permission. That being said, leaving you out of major decisions is a problem. Just drop the misandry.

dirty... dirtymoon

Okay, everything but the boys weekend. Why shouldn't they be allowed? They bust their bums DAILY, more than us stay at home moms or even SOME working moms, to earn all the money that goes straight to bills or kids, its always something. If we're allowed to get our hair done, and our nails then i don't see why not. My husbands a well digger/welder, he deserves a weekend to himself and his buddies.

dirty... dirtymoon

^^^ Just my opinion(:


japan... japanmommy

Dirtymoon, the author didn't say they weren't allowed to do it but that it was something that should be discussed. I would be pretty upset if my husband just left for a weekend without a heads up.

Happy... Happydad73

So is it ok for a woman to stop taking birth control without discussing it with her SO? I happens all the time and the excuse is "its her body".

jalaz77 jalaz77

Happydad73-that's a little drastic to compare that to this list and psychotic.

This list is true. My hubby would discuss all if this with me and I would do the same.

Teresa Lynn Tomsic

A husband shouldnt take a different job without asking you what you think...

Bridgitt Looney

How was the question about birth control psychotic? It's comprable to the list on regards to the last one - husbands shouldn't have the right to permanently decide to not be able to make babies without discussing with the wife. The wife should not go off bc and decide to make a baby without discussing with the husband. Same thing.

aeneva aeneva

My husband does NOT need my permission to do anything and same goes for me.  There are certain things that it is understood we DISCUSS before hand though.  No one said they can't do these things though as some posters seem to think just that it should be DISCUSSED with the partner BEFORE planning them.

LostS... LostSoul88

They should consult me on but no one should need permission. I feel bad for your husband if you expect him to ask your permission to do things.

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