Bride & Groom Have Most Mind-Blowing First Dance You'll Ever See (VIDEO)

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dominique morisseau jimmy keys first danceBeing a bride and groom might as well be like being the star of a big Broadway production. Everyone's watching, and you're "on" and entertaining all day/night -- whether that's the kind of thing you live for or absolutely loathe. One couple recently proved that they were practically born for the task by putting on the show of a lifetime for their wedding guests.

Playwright Dominique Morisseau and hip hop artist Jimmy Keys Jr. recently exchanged vows in Detroit, Michigan at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African & African-American History. Following their beautiful "I do"s, they did their first dance to an entire eight-minute medley of classics like "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" -- they did all the original choreography!! -- and "In the Mood" and "Somebody for Me" by Heavy D and the Boyz. If it sounds mind-blowing, just wait 'til you actually watch it ...


WOW. Just ... wow. I already admire couples who go out of their way to either choregraph a special performance for their first dance or even take dance lessons in preparation for the big event!

Had I tried for the former, it would have probably driven my husband supremely nuts. (He griped when his good buddy's wife asked that their whole bridal party learn a routine for their entrance into the reception. But then, of course, he did it anyway and had a blast!) We had really wanted to take lessons, but somehow ran out of time before we got the chance to ... Still, I'm not sure we could have ever competed with Jimmy and Dominique! Yow.

How awesome is this couple's first dance?! What was yours like?

Image via Bree Glenn/YouTube



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the3Rs the3Rs

That was mind-blowing?  i actually found it really boring and far too long.  The dancing was kind of awkard in parts, too.  I'll pass.

mompam mompam

I loved it, but it was long. It would have been cute enough to end it after the Dirty Dancing dance. I loved how they lifted the little girl.

Ginny Peluso

Was NOT impressed. Did I miss something?


nolo82 nolo82

Mind was NOT blown, but the little girl was cute

nonmember avatar patty

what a bunch of negative nancies. i would like to see any of you do something like that. you can say youre not impressed, but if you do, youre probably just jealous. that took skill.

kckcm2 kckcm2

He was smooth she was awkward her footwork was terrible. I'm surprised they pulled it off without her stepping on his toes.he did very well compensating for her. No this is not me being jealous, this is me being a dance teacher. She couldn't take his lead, she stepped heavy, and used her heels hard which made her off balance and awkward. It's painful to watch because he was actually quite good. She could easily break her ankle if she keeps landing on the back of her feet like that.

nonmember avatar Chris

Going to numerous weddings of fellow dancers this is boring, and yes I can do better. If your going to recreate Dirty Dancing, than do the lift. I've modified to the martini sipper where I hold a girl above my head with one hand while enjoying an adult beverage in the other.

Melan... Melanie_berries

Was nice...but def NOT mindblowing. Was waayyyy too long, and she wasn't very graceful at all. Why did this even make the news media? *smh*

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