Sex Confession: Wife's Cheating Turns Husband On

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secret"Sex Confessions" is a series featuring your naughtiest bedroom secrets and fantasies. Some will sound familiar, others may give you ideas, some will turn you on, and some are dark and twisted. You might want to sit down for this.

We hear about people getting turned on by weird things all the time. There are some women who get all hot and bothered when their husband cooks, and others ... get excited when they learn their partner is having an affair. Hold the phone. What?!? Marianne* is a mom of two who has been married to Joseph* for just under 10 years. Things took some sort of turn in her marriage last year when she acted out on a fantasy to have sex with a guy who has been flirting with her for some time now. He's a bartender, how cliche she says. She told her husband about the affair and instead of wanting a divorce, he wants her more. It turned him on. Let's let Marianne tell us more.

I feel like the luckiest woman in the history of the world. I cheated. I got my rocks off with some guy. It was fun and exciting and bad and naughty and did I mention exciting? But I didn't want to leave my husband. I just wanted some fling. Something to satisfy these intense sexual urges I was having and wasn't getting fulfilled at home. I acted on it, told my husband, and he not only forgave me but wanted to know details. It turned him on.

Maybe I should be worried but I'm not. Well, not really.

This fling I had with Jake* the bartender at the local pub I won't dare step foot into again was a long time coming. He has always flirted with me even when I was there with Joseph. Joseph and I had been very distant for many months when I was on a rare kid- and husband-free night out and Jake started flirting. I flirted back in a harmless way like I usually did but this time I also gave him my number. He called the next day. We made plans. We went to a hotel. Numerous times. Once a week for about two months. It got intense. I got scared. I wanted to have sex with my husband, not Jake. So I broke it off and told Joseph.

He wasn't happy. He felt sad and hurt and sorry he wasn't satisfying me. I told him how it made me realize so much and I felt awful. "No, you didn't," he said. "And that's okay." I was shocked. Joseph understood why I did it. He didn't want a divorce. He wanted me to tell him the best parts of having sex with someone else so he could please me in the same ways. It was weird at first, but I ended up telling him, little by little, more and more details were revealed. And now almost a year later, our sex life is better than it's ever been. We overcame my affair and sometimes Joseph even asks me to recount something from that time because it turns him on.

Strange? Maybe. But it works for us. And we're happier than ever.

What do you think? Could marriage survive an affair and even turn the other person on to hear about it?


*Names have been changed.

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nonmember avatar blue

It "works" for NOW, but this is so dysfunctional...I don't even know where to start. I wouldn't be surprised if this time next year, they have even more problems, or she has to rehash her affair every time to even turn him on. None of that is healthy.

fannc... fanncefase

This is true ..crazy but true..

nonmember avatar Meg

Some people are into " open" relationships.

Mrscj... Mrscjones

Its a word for him can't think of it where's Dan Savage when I need him. But give it a few years he'll be asking her to have sex in front of him. Different strokes for different folks.

Lindsay Renee Edwards

doesnt sound like it turned him on really. just made him realize that his wife was into kinkier stuff, and that turned him on.
but, what do i know, its their marriage.

whatever works! 

Cel7777 Cel7777

The word is "cuckold". Wouldn't be my cup of tea, but to each their own.

Mrscj... Mrscjones

Thank you Cel7777

nonmember avatar Hornytoad

Because of Prostate Ca that is the only way she can get sex, except oral. (My wonderful wife). I'm not about to deprive her. Is that bad?

Happy... Happydad73

This may be a turn on for him now, but he is also filing thisbargining chip away for later when he feels bored in the marriage and wants to have a fling then he will dangle this little dandy in front of you and say you have no right to complain. You did it first. Now its his turn. That's how we process these situations.

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