Jilted Girlfriend Gets Her Revenge With Crazy Scavenger Hunt Breakup Letter

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breakup letterWhen you break up with a guy, don't you want to make a big impression? Like, a huge, nuclear, scorched-Earth, you-will-never-forget-the-biggest-mistake-of-your-life kind of impression. God forbid we should just walk away with dignity, murmuring a careless au revoir over our shoulder, especially if we suffered before that breakup. No, when you leave with pain in your heart, you want to cause a little pain yourself.

But there's no reason why you have to be all grumpy pants about it. Take the author of this poison pen letter. Look at that cute handwriting. All those exclamation points and hearts. And she turned her letter into a game! She stole all her boyfriend's things, hid them, and left clues -- it's a scavenger hunt that leads the boyfriend down memory lane. That's so ... sick. It's kind of brilliant.

Apparently the boyfriend left his Facebook open on the computer and there was a message from another woman. Our note-writer doesn't give us a hint of what that message said, but it must have been pretty hot to start this fire. She gives herself credit for not breaking anything, and then informs her boyfriend that she's invented a "neat game" to help him find all his stuff.

breakup letter

Sweet. So just a little disclaimer here -- this was posted via Imgur, and we have no idea who the author is. The letter could just be a hoax (though if it is a hoax, well done there). That said, what a juicy dose of catharsis. We're just two steps away from bunny killing here, but she keeps her sense of humor, she's clever, and no one gets hurt.

Oh, but that's the downside. I mean, every breakup letter is intended to hurt back, but you know that intention always misfires. The boyfriend isn't going to dig through the back seat of his car and sigh to himself, "This is where Sheila finally let me f*&% her." He's not going to wipe away a wistful tear when he collects all of his clothes off the high school stadium bleachers where they first kissed. He's just going to be pissed -- pissed that he got caught cheating, and pissed that he has to go around collecting his stuff. He's going to refer to her forever after as "that crazy bitch."

Still, if this letter is real, it must have felt amaaaaazing to carry out this evil plan and leave this note behind. I bet she loved coloring in each and every angry red heart. And I hope that this ultimately harmless bit of revenge helps her move forward.

Have you ever written an angry breakup letter or delivered a long breakup speech?


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early... earlybird11

Hahah I hope we find the author of this letter so I can befriend this awesome chick

LostS... LostSoul88

That is so awesome

Victo... Victoria0785

Lol. You go girl! When I found out my ex was 2 timing me on social media I was nice enough to message her all our conversation history and photos. Even the ones where he called his "ex" all sorts of names. Last I heard she'd dumped his ass too. I never spoke to him after I found out but he kept calling so I answered and said I'd get a restraining order if he called again... the 50+ calls on my phone would have been enough and since he was on parole (I know, dating a felon is dumb I wad 20!) He could have gone back to jail. I'm ok with being the "crazy bitch"

nonmember avatar AmericanExpat

America, what a country! If a man had done this, he would be doing 5 to 10 for domestic abuse and theft. But thanks to feminists a woman can do this and it's all cutesy and funny.

early... earlybird11

Mum no not really pat, domestic violence ? I hope your screen name means you don't live in the us anymore. Cuz we dont want you

lulou lulou

pat, did you mean to say if a women was accused of this, in many countries she'd be stoned?

nonmember avatar Jenna

expat, do you realize that men are the one's who are usually the perpetrators of domestic abuse? Yes, I know some women do it too, but that's rare and besides the point. Abusive men would not only damage the woman's property, he'd damage the woman as well. The reason 70 percent of women who are homeless is because of abusive men. Think about that for a sec. And guess what? Men in this country barely get a slap on their wrist for hurting women, what makes you think they'd get 5 to 10 years if they just threw out their girlfriends belongings? Go educate yourself and than come back with something smart to say okay?

Choco... Chocodoxies

I am going to be the odd one out here and say, this is just immature. If you are done with a realationship walk away with a little dignity. Just break up with the guy. 

Princ... Princesst124

it's his fault anyway.  Not the cheating but he didn't make her happy, so he wasn't happy so he had to look elsewhere. If he talked to his girl about having feelings of straying and what can they do about it, then neither would have had an issue. He obviously treated her wrong for her to want revenge like that. He needs to learn to be a better man and I hope she finds a better man!

Ashlee Lynn Stratton

Damn, I wanna meet this woman, she's got my thumbs up!

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