5 Sexual Fantasies That You SHOULD Try With Your Spouse

sexual fantasiesWe already know the five sexual fantasies you should never, ever try with your spouse. But what about the ones you should? Fantasy has a great role to play in any good marriage. It can keep the spark alive, breathe new life into boring old habits and liven up any bedroom.

Of course, it has to be done in the right way. Sexual fantasies can run the gamut between the wildly inappropriate to the definitely worth trying and knowing the difference is part of what makes a compelling sex life.

Here are five sexual fantasies you SHOULD indulge in with your spouse that will make your sex life even hotter. See below:

  1. Costumes: OK, so he may not be able to screw that airline attendant and she may not be able to get with that cowboy, but costumes make a BIG difference. Make it feel like you are getting strange and I promise, things will always feel exciting and new.
  2. Different toys: There are about 650 different sex toys out there. No joke. At least. So mix it up and try new ones you never thought existed. Have fun with it and try to find ones you both like. Even better, find some you can use together at the same time.
  3. Watching porn together: Not all women (or men, for that matter) like porn movies. Some like erotica. Some like more informative or instructive videos. But whatever form of erotic stimulation you like, you ought to share it with one another and try to enjoy it. Hell, if neither of you like porn, read romantic poetry. The point is just to think in sexual ways beyond just rote intercourse.
  4. Doing it in public: Try it once. It does not have to be LITERALLY in public. You could do it a discreet body of water. Or on a boat far from prying eyes. Or even in a library in a discreet spot. The excitement of possibly getting caught will make everything that much spicier.
  5. Sexy photo shoot: This one is really, really fun and can be changed up a million different ways. You can hire someone to take photos and surprise your man. You can give HIM the camera and let him go wild (but no touching) or you can take sexy photos yourself and send them to him. However you do it, this fantasy is one that livens up monogamy, but still keeps it just between the two of you. A perfect indulgence.

Have you ever tried one of your fantasies in real life?


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tessi... tessiekat

Number 4, while an interesting proposition can get you in SERIOUS trouble if you are caught, which is the appeal, but still should be considered.  Having something like that on your record can hurt your career or job chances.  While some law enforcement will just send you on your way, some take that very seriously and charge you, especially if you are not teenagers and are supposed to know better.  Also, avoid the library. There are children there, and that can make the charges against you even worse...Stick to the private boat far from prying eyes.

BGarcel BGarcel

Nice list, and yeah we have done many of each other's fantasies :D

Sara Cunningham

Speaking as someone who frequents libraries, please don't do number 4.

Also, it'll land you on the sex offender registry. If you're lucky enough to have a KID see you, it'll be even worse. So yeah. 

nonmember avatar WJP

I'm all for these and my spouse and I have done a couple. I'd like to try more but she has already done some with others before me. How do I get her to want to try them with me?

BGarcel BGarcel

WJP, not enough info to go on. At this moment, only thing I can tell you is to bring this up and when she says 'Ive already done that' you say 'but I havent and would like to do it with you.'

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