5 Sexual Fantasies That Should NEVER Happen in Real Life


sexual fantasiesFantasizing about sex all day long is just part of being human for many of us. We imagine various scenarios that sound pleasing. We use those scenarios as fuel for our home sexual fire and incorporate them into our daily lives to keep it all fresh and exciting.

Most of the time, we don't act on them. They exist in a sphere where anything goes and real life consequences do not exist. Of course, some people DO take this to the next level. And, naturally, that is when all the problems arise.

Many times, these are base, instinctual urges. These are animalistic cravings that sound so much hotter than they are, which is why they are called "fantasy." Here are 5 common fantasies that can make for hot sex but are better left only in the head:

  1. Extra Marital Affairs: Oh the thought of an affair is so, so hot. Forbidden fruit, passion, sex, sex, and sex...  But then the reality sets in. Lying to a spouse is awful and creates a wedge almost immediately. When you cheat on your spouse, you cheat on the whole family and damage it, many times beyond repair. This is so, so not worth it. Not ever. Just say no.
  2. Threesomes with Friends/Siblings: Generally I would say threesomes are a bad idea for a married couple or any committed couple. As a friend who had a few of these told me, "it is always better to be the pinch hitter in these scenarios." In other words, be the third wheel, NOT a member of the couple. As a member of the couple you are left with ickiness, jealousy, and sometimes an insurmountable rift. That said if you ARE going to do it, don't do it while pregnant, with someone you know well, or with a sibling. Or all three at the same time. This is just a recipe for disaster.
  3. Picking up a Hooker: For some men, there is a certain level of eroticism to the idea of paying a woman for intercourse. For women, the idea of BEING paid can be very hot. In real life, the risk of disease and danger is not worth it.
  4. Being a Stripper: It is one thing to imagine taking off your clothing for dozens of men in a strip club, all eyes on you. It is another to actually have to spread your legs for a leering man you would never even glance at outside the club. Yuck. Better to imagine than to act on this one.
  5. Forced Sex: A lot of women find the thought of being taken with unbridled passion by a man who just rips your clothing off to be erotic. The actual act of being forced into sex? Much less hot. A friend in college was once asked to break into a woman he was seeing's home, hold a knife to her throat and "rape" her. At that point, he broke up with her. That did not sound sexy to him. That sounded like rape. Keep this one in your head, obviously.

What fantasy do you think is best kept fantasy?


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Cel7777 Cel7777

People fantasize about having a threesome with a sibling?

nonmember avatar blue

Rape fantasies serious confound me. I think you have to be a really twisted person to fantasize about that. And a threesome with a sibling?!! EEW! What kind of people do you hang out with? Good lord.

amnew... amnewlon8982

Yeah. That's what I was thinking. I love my little sis but not like that. I love my husband very much but that's just eww. No. Never even thought about it that way and don't care to.

nonmember avatar Yvette

Why no threesome while pregnant?

Mrscj... Mrscjones

I disagree on most. Threesome with a sibling eeww. But a threesome in a relationship where both people want to do it thats ok. Most people who purchase a hooker for some time know the job they have and will use protection and if a hooker helps you with sexual issues all the better. Not every woman can play hooker in the bedroom and not every man is satisfied with whatever some women think is freaky so why not. Third stripper really you have people who choose to be porn stars so if a woman or man decide why not I figure its not your body to be worried about.

justj123 justj123

Somebody has to be a hooker and somebody has to be a stripper & somebody has to be in the porn film I sure as heck would not call them porn stars !!!

keelh... keelhaulrose

While I agree mostly with this, I don't see why some of these couldn't be played out with a loving, trusted partner in one's own bedroom. Fantasizing about being/being with a hooker is about sexual freedom without the lovey-dovey stuff couples usually show each other during intimacy. Stripper? Watching someone make a show of teasing the visual sense, or as a stripper having the confidence in your body and the excitement to know many men are looking at you and liking what you see. Rape fantasies are a desire to be dominated, and thousands of couples participate in healthy dominant/submissive relationships. Extra martial affairs are a desire to get away from the norm, and a little role-playing may be a good idea. You would be surprised what a different outfit, a play personality, and a hotel room can do, and no one is actually cheating. More power to you if your sex life with your spouse never gets stake, but if it does talking to each other and acting out a fantasy can do wonders.

adopt... adoption2013

Whatever floats your boat but incest is not best.    Eeewwwww.

BGarcel BGarcel

Good point keelhaulrose

nonmember avatar blue

There is difference between dominatiion and force or assault. Acting out a rape is sick and demented. You can try to justify it however you want, but a healthy individual does not want to play rape.

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