Apparently Everyone Is Having Sex at Work But You

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office cubiclesMany years ago, I worked for a publishing company who produced porn magazines. Seeing vaginas and penises in slides by the lightbox was common. As the Editor-in-Chief at Playgirl there would be times I would be casually discussing which naked stud should be the Centerfold while a meeting about how many penises in a 96-page magazine is too much or too little was being scheduled. With all this sexually titillating material around, you'd think I'd have tons of stories of people having sex at work.

I only have a few. But apparently there is a lot of sex being had in offices everywhere, even the workplaces that have nothing to do with publishing porn. 

Writer Liz Ryan of Business Week reported that one law firm said their security cameras picked up sex being had in the stairwells after hours that it became a liability to actually have those tapes exist. Lawyers having sex! How scandalous! Nothing like taking off those law ... suits! Ryan cautions that whether you are a lawyer or not, you should never get romantically involved with your boss or your boss's boss ... unless you've already handed in your two-week notice. And if you're getting it on with anyone three cubicles down, never smooch in the breakroom or hold hands in the hallway.

That all seems like common sense, but it also makes me think of office culture ... and how far it's come. I can only speak for the publishing world in NYC, but it used to be very, very corporate, but times have changed, blogs made everything more casual, and dress codes eased all the while happy hour drinks after work continued. Casual office sex was on! More and more. I'd bet the start-ups had the kinkiest sex around. The more relaxed a work atmosphere was, the more people acted on those sexual attractions. A typical interoffice IM might read:

Hey, what did you think of the new homepage layout I put together?

Awesome job! I'll show you how much I loved it in the back bathroom in 10 minutes. Just finishing an edit. 

These feelings essentially makes us human beings. How can we expect not to have some sweet loving going on when we spend over 40 hours a week at work. Some people might see it as sexual harassment, but maybe it's great team building. Sure beats those trust falls.

Have you ever had sex at work or got it on with a co-worker?


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Rich Brunelle

Now, now . . .  No need for getting rude. You have to recognize that "sexual harassment" is a dirivative of being coerced to sleep with someone you didn't want to. Sleeping around with those you want to still continues. And, let the truth be told, women are usually the instigator of the relationship.


nonmember avatar Tito Puente

How dare people talk or think about sex. Or ever have jobs related to sex in a healthy manner. Luckily there is still immaculate conception, which is how most of our children are born.

nonmember avatar cadence

i lost my virginity of the floor of my office of my first real full time job. but to be fair, sex at work happens a lot in my industry... f&b.

nonmember avatar Anonymous

MamaTo2b2g you are so rude!

LadyM... LadyMinni

I'm marrying the boss and we have never had sex at work, for one very good reason. We work in restaurants! You're welcome.

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