Farrah Abraham's 'Sex Tape' Bikini Pulled From eBay Because She Didn't Wash It

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farrah abrahamRemember that time Farrah Abraham's sex tape bikini went up for sale on eBay -- and bidding got up to almost $15,000? That was cool. But you know what was even cooler? When eBay took the "used" bikini off the site, because it has never been washed.

According to TMZ, eBay sent Vivid Entertainment (who put the swimsuit up for auction on the site) an email, saying: "Due to health and hygiene concerns our policy does not allow used clothing to be listed on the site unless the item has been washed first."

AKA, they didn't want someone catching a nasty case of something on their watch. And who could blame them? And who could want a used bikini? Gross!

If you remember -- or perhaps if you bid -- the description on Farrah's bikini sale boasted signs of "wear and tear" such as self-tanner stains and glitter from Farrah's body lotion. The listing stated: "Farrah's bikini ... straight off Farrah's body and into your hands." That's a health and hygiene concern all right. 

Now, I can't say I'm incredibly shocked that some creepo wanted the Teen Mom's bathing suit, ah, unwashed, but when you think about it -- that's really gross and super unsanitary. No thanks on any used bathing suit -- especially one that was worn by someone who recently starred in a sex tape.

eBay did the right thing, taking down the bikini sale. But if I were a betting woman, I'd say that that bad boy will be back up on the site in no time. However, I doubt it will be worth as much washed. I don't think cleanliness is what the people bidding on it are after.

Would you buy a used bathing suit?

Image via Vivid Entertainment

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Julie Johnson-maven



nonmember avatar Lyla

And people wonder why there are more creepers coming out of the woodwork?! HELLOOO! Sick...not that she would deserve any action that might have been taken against her, but for heaven's sake stop provoking it!!

nonmember avatar Tiffany H.

In case anyone missed it or has forgotten, Farrah was one her period when the video was shot. That makes it that much more unhygienic! Super gross!

LostS... LostSoul88

You think she's nasty think about the people whoa re actually bidding for it! They are even nastier. They are probably aware it was unwashed. It may not sell as much now if she washes them and puts them back online.  

Samfan97 Samfan97

Gross. Everything about choosing to be known as "backdoor" Teen Mom makes me want to puke.

Karen Davis

As long as people keep showing her that attention and buying what she's selling, she is just gonna keep doing it. She needs to go back home and move back in with Mommy and Daddy and get ready to some day explain all this nasty shit to her daughter. One more thought, if I were that guy that made the tape with her, I would b sueing her ass for saying that he was the one that sold it. Sombody really needs to wake her up and bring her into the real world.

nonmember avatar Zoey

Y bid so much on something so nasty wash it ext time duhhhhbb

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