The 11 Hottest Bisexual Celebrities

Once upon a time, if you were a celebrity, you couldn't just come out and say you were gay or bisexual. Your career would be ruined. Nowadays, it's practically the opposite, especially for women. Saying you're bisexual and being willing to titillate with anecdotes can actually jump start your career. It's hard to remember that some of the celebs named here, now married mothers, used to be known as wild children who batted for both teams and loved them a bit of girl on girl. But we've got the proof! Here are 11 hot female stars who have declared themselves to be heteroflexible.

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Brain... BrainyMommy

Proving how utterly homophobic our society is. If you're a woman you can have sex with men and women and be labeled "bisexual". But, if you're a man and you have sex with men and women, you aren't "bisexual", you're "gay". 

Alexa... AlexaAdams

What about the male bisexuals? Their are just as many celebs that are men that also identify as bisexual.

Jay Souza

Add the sexism here.

If you're a woman, being with another woman is cool because men think it's sexy. Like it has something to do with them.

nonmember avatar NoWay

I hate that "I'm sure her husband wouldn't mind ..." I mean, cheating is cheating. That's like saying I wouldn't mind if my husband had sex with another man. YES, I would mind! I would mind just as much as I would mind if he cheated on me with a woman! Ugh!

Brain... BrainyMommy

Look at the stupid Kanye West story from last week. People suspect that he's having sex with a male friend but nobody says, "Oh, he's bisexual" since he's also got a girlfriend - that he got pregnant. Nope, people say, 'Oh, he's gay." 


nonmember avatar Anna

Writers like you disgust me. "No word on whether she had to give up the women for her husband," are you f&cking kidding me?! Do you even KNOW what bisexuality means? It doesn't mean "I'll marry a man but I like to sleep with women", it means being able to FALL IN LOVE with both sexes. I'm bisexuals and I am sick and tired of people confusing us for sluts. Being attracted to both sexes doesn't mean you have a compulsive need to f%ck everything that dares to walk by. If you said this about homosexuals, everyone would be up on their hind legs. And by the way, Angelina Jolie hardly "used it as a stepping stone". People like you is exactly why it is a stepping stone, because you refuse to see it and speak about it for what it is, and you're a disgrace to the free world.

Hallis Bridger

Seriously? Bisexual means feeling sexual attraction to both genders. The mentioned celebrities may not be biromantic (feeling romantic attraction to both genders).

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