5 Times Getting Back With Your Ex Is a Good Idea

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relationshipMaybe we wish there was one, but there is no giant book that governs the way that we should act in a serious relationship. We've all been there: when things go sour and a breakup happens, it feels like your world is crumbling. With time you heal, you move forward, you meet other people. The harsh reality? Getting over an ex isn't easy. And sometimes, you don't have to.

I know, I know, getting back together with an ex has all sorts of nasty stipulations. So many questions pop up: If it didn't work out before, why will this be any different? Why now? The reality? Not all relationships end because one person deliberately hurt the other. Not all relationships end in tears.

Thus I present you with 5 times getting back together with an ex is a good idea. Seriously.

1. The old issues are gone: Certain problems, like anger problems and issues that carry on from youth, aren't easy to overcome. However, if something like a problem at the office was putting intense pressure on your relationship and that is now a non-issue, this could allow you both to refocus in on the important stuff, AKA the both of you. 

2. You've forgiven him: Maybe he cheated (horrible). Maybe he moved on too quickly after you broke up (ouch). Maybe he just didn't give you the kind of attention you deserved because he wasn't OK with the kind of person he was. If you can find it in your heart to TRULY move on, then you can try again. If not, there's just no point.

3. You feel a void for their specific companionship: When you're in an intimate relationship, it's easy to consider that person your best friend for that period of time. When that person leaves your life, it's easy to feel something missing. The catch? When you try to fill that spot with someone else and it's just not the same. There's a high price to be put on being on the same mental level as someone else.

4. You TRULY could see yourself marrying him: Since the two of you have parted ways, you've compared every single man to this one guy. Not just their things like professions or their likes or dislikes -- but your potential future involving him. At the end of the day, if you really think this man could be the one, then you owe it to yourself to go for round 2.

5. It's the best sex you've ever had: OK, let me confirm that this is not THE reason to get back with someone. Sexual chemistry is different between every two people. But sometimes you just click the right way with someone, and that's something you can NOT deny.

Have you ever gotten back together with an ex? Did it work out for the best?


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Brain... BrainyMommy

#6 - Because that crazy loon Pat Robertson says you need to.

nonmember avatar KristyElizabeth

My guy and I broke up on the regular the first year we were together.  He was hurt a lot by his ex who cheated, a lot and not discreetly, and generally mistreated him during the relationship.  We got together way too soon after they split up and he really just needed time to heal.  We broke up, he moved away, we got back together, we broke up again and saw other people, and then finally came to our senses.  We've been together over four years now and we are engaged.  I'm not usually one for second chances in that type of relationship, but I'm glad I made an exception in his case!   

nonmember avatar Andi

I say why get back together. Fuck other ppl

hexxuss hexxuss

I've gotten back together with an ex before.  Still adore him to this day, but our personalities JUST weren't a good fit together. Nothing drama-laden, just not a good fit.  Nothing but good wishes & happy thoughts for he & his wife/kid(s) - they look fabulous & happy.  He's such a good guy, and she's really sweet - couldn't have worked out better for him =)

nonmember avatar Inge

It all depends on why you broke up I guess. I will always love my ex, even after all the pain the relationship and break-up caused. I'll never take him back though. He had more than enough chances! Move on ladies, there will be one who won't let you go and treat you the way you deserve!

Linda Lee

It always hurts to be the one rejected in a relationship. But if there is a break-up, it is usually a good reason. My advice

is if he is an ex-boyfriend then it is probably best to try and get over it and know that he is an ex for a reason. If it was

something you have done to drive or push away your ex-boyfriend then you may need to think about whatever mistakes you made

that caused the break-up.Getting back an ex isn't that hard. I recently went through a really bad breakup as well. We are

finally back together after being apart for 3 months now. I used some interesting techniques to get him back, take a look at

this free video ( http://howtomakeanexboyfriendwantyouback.com ) that reveals a secret psychological technique, which will

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Mccart Brenda

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nonmember avatar Angel

I certainly wouldn't go as far as to say everyone deserves a second chance, but sometimes you need to give your ex a second chance. You and only you will know when it is right, and sometimes you will make a mistake, but sometimes it will all work out.

I broke up with my boyfriend just over a year into our relationship. He had cheated, we were both young, had moved in together way too fast, both of us bore recent scars and neither of us knew how to handle an adult relationship, we were just clinging to the idea of companionship.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't stop loving him. It took a bit of effort, and a lot of tears and heartbreak, but after a few months we started talking, then meeting for coffee, and we ended up back together.

6 years later we are happily living together, enjoying life, loving each other, and expecting our first child. We talk when we are unhappy, and talk about the future, and we trust each other. :)

nonmember avatar Anna

In order to get back with an ex, he would have to woo the hell out of me and really convince me that he's a good guy. Most of my break ups have been due to the horrible behavior of my partners, that's it's hard for me to picture them acting different and apologizing to me. It had never happened to me.

nonmember avatar Denice

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