Farrah Abraham's Sex Tape: A Complete Guide to All the Cringeworthy Details

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farrah abraham backdoor teen momMy eyes, my eyes! You guys. For scientific purposes only, I watched Farrah Abraham's sex video just now, and as soon as I file this post, I'm washing out my eyeballs and maybe having a nice, stiff drink. Did I say stiff?!? NOOOO!

It's going to be a long time before I recover from this spectacle. But I watched it for you, dear readers. We know you're wondering what actually goes down (oh geez) in this show -- but you reeeeeeally don't want to have to actually sit down and watch in order to find out. Never fear! We've got Farrah Superstar Backdoor Teen Mom by the numbers right here. Now about that drink ...

1 - Bottles of lubricant

10 - Fake orgasms

1 - Real (or really well performed) orgasms

3 - Number of orgasms Farrah actually counted

0 - Fat rolls she has even in the craziest positions

1 - Wardrobe changes

0 - Scripts used in the making of this film

2 - Fake breasts

14 - Bottom slaps

0 - Condoms used

0 - Pubic hairs

10 - Sex positions

6 - James Deen speed variations

1 - Questionable secretions

5 - "Ouch" faces

11 - Horse whinnies

15 - Dolphin twitters

20 - "Oh baby"s

4 - "I love you"s

2 - "My ass is shy"

37 - Times James Deen says "yesssss"

3 - Walks up/down spiral staircase

1 - Non-sexual squeals

10 - Times Farrah rolls her eyes with feigned ecstasy

20 - Comments about the size of James Deen’s manhood

11 - Times I checked my windows, afraid the neighbors would hear Farrah noises

4 - Blatant insults to Farrah’s intelligence ("do you know how buttons work?")

1 - Number of times she agrees ("I forgot my brain when I came here to hang out with you")

6.5 - Minutes before anyone actually starts, well, you know

10 - Points we give Farrah for flexibility

8 - Seriously un-hygienic sex acts

All of them - Lingerie sets James tells Farrah he wants to see on her

1 - Lingerie sets Farrah actually ever puts on

200 - Ego boosts for Farrah

40 - Minutes the sex went on too long

20 - Times I said aloud, "My God, her poor mother!"

20 - Times I said aloud, "My God, her poor daughter!"

8 - Times I had to hide my eyes

8 - Times I had to laugh

5 - Creative sex tips I picked up

4 - Times I was afraid Farrah's bobble head was about to get shaken off her body

8 - Times I yelled, "Nooooo!"

10 - Times I asked, "Why’d she have to go THERE?"

6 - Times James handles Farrah like a raw chicken

15 - Extremely regrettable camera angles

11 - Times I was actually kind of more bored than horrified

28 - Minutes before Farrah starts looking a little tired and annoyed

25 - Mintues James Deen remains hard without climaxing

10 - Times I checked the clock to see how much longer this thing was going to go on

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What household chore would you rather do than watch Farrah Abraham's sex video?


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prplecat prplecat

I would rather scrub the litter box with my toothbrush than watch that crap!  

nonmember avatar Christina

LMAO thats hilarious!

Jennifer Kmet

That summary was hilarious! Thank you lol I needed a laugh tonight!

nonmember avatar Hannah

Hahahaha!! That sounds hilarious, the girl really is a true weirdo!

nonmember avatar Becs

Omg! I think we're twins separated at birth. I thought ALL of these things when I watched it, too! And I have no excuse for watching other than curiosity.

Bugsm... Bugsmom0307

Hahaha that was hilarious. Thank you for being brave for us. Now I don't feel the need to watch it.

Chuck Hayes

someone has no life if they counted all of that

Lori Blank

I'd rather clean my toilet.

momof... momof35219

The first 5 min was rough and don't care to see the whole thing. And her poor daughter is right since her mother plans on showing her that.

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