5 Benefits of Having Sex With Yourself That May Surprise You

OrchidA few weeks ago, I was alone in my house for 24 hours, which hardly ever happens. My husband was out of town and my kids were with their father.

And I was feeling a little horny.

So I went upstairs to my stash of erotica, pulled out my favorite sex toy, and enjoyed a little "alone time."

When I was done, I felt relaxed and content. And I went back down to my computer to get some work done.

I hadn’t even known that May was National Masturbation Month. But I'm happy to see masturbation celebrated in such a public way. Women seem much more reluctant than men to talk about it. I know that masturbation is such a personal thing, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t doing it. At least I hope everybody is doing it.

Why? Because there are quite a few benefits to self-pleasuring. Here are a few of them:

1. Guaranteed orgasm. If you do it yourself, your chances are greater of being able to climax. And that just feels good. No worries about taking too long either.

2. Stress relief and mood changer. Masturbating and orgasms cause the body to release endorphins, the natural chemicals that give us a sense of well-being and can make us feel elated. Don't you feel better after a good orgasm? I know I do.

3. Keeps you in touch with yourself. Masturbation helps you know your body and is a way for you to learn what feels good during sex. When you are with a partner, you can then use this information to let them know what works for you.

4. PMS relief. Masturbation, and the subsequent orgasm, increases blood flow to the pelvic region -- which can help alleviate not only pre-menstrual symptoms but also cramps.

5. Insomnia aid. Can't sleep? Help is just a vibrator or a few fingers away. Just like a good romp in the sack with your partner can help you sleep more soundly, so can a self-induced orgasm.

So in celebration of National Masturbation Month, go ahead. Don't be shy. Touch yourself and reap the benefits! If you want, you can even bring your partner to the party. Mutual masturbation can be very rewarding too.

Will you be celebrating this month with a little 'self love'?

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Lillith Abendroth

Actually orgasm isn't always guaranteed. I can't seem to get to that point unless I have my husband helping me. I love the openness of the article tho

nonmember avatar eva

I agree lillith. sometimes when i read articles like this, i feel like i'm different. its not the physical aspect that gives me an orgasm. its more emotional. i have never had an orgasm on my own! in all honesty, my fiance is the only one who has ever gotten the job done! and its all due to the emotional elements that we both bring. and i wouldnt have it any other way :)

Cherb... Cherbear76

I did it yesterday!!! Yeah Me!!! Lol!!! My hubby isn't always willing so I do it myself and does release stress!!!

nonmember avatar Brenda

These 'cause of the month' sort of things are just getting more and more ridiculous.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

I find it is very helpful in relieving menstrual cramps. Works better than Advil!

elija... elijahsmama09

I masturbate abour 3-6x a week. Its awesome for my insomnia:) 

Gifte... GiftedMommy

I have to say I take care of myself 4-6 times a week specially being pregnant I'm horny all the time. It totally helps when I can't sleep.

squir... squirrelml

I agrre with Brenda's comment " :

nonmember avatar

Nonmember comment from Brenda
12 hours ago

These 'cause of the month' sort of things are just getting more and more ridiculous.

Yes it releaves stress-but quiet honestly Thats my private life get out!

 And yes cant you people find anything else to chat about-Really?

nonmember avatar SmokeyFl

You left out one of the most important reasons why men should masturbate often. That is, it flushes out the prostate of old fluids and carcinogens to prevent enlargement or cancer. To those like Brenda and Squirrelml, please be reminded that 250 thousand men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year alone and 32 thousand of them will die from the disease. Some of these people would have a more positive outcome just by getting over the destructive stigma and masturbating regularly. Let's save some lives here, folks.

mom8809 mom8809

I never had an orgasm in my life.. and I've tried alone time with myself but I never could get in the mood only with a guy doin it.. but I don't know really what to do..

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