Rod Stewart & Penny Lancaster Broke Up But Have the Secret to a Good Marriage

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rod stewartMarriage is hard. Divorce is contagious. These are things we know. Fact. Also fact is Rod Stewart has a lot of hair. And good sperm since he made a baby at 65 and has eight kids spanning two generations. I mean he did sing the song Forever Young (original by Bob Dylan though.) He also seems to have this marriage racket down despite being twice divorced before he hitched up with Penny Lancaster who is 26 years his junior. She's 42; he's a sprightly 68. Rod's dishing about he and his third wife broke up for two weeks. Two whole weeks! It was after a huge fight and when you are made of money like Stewart is, it's easy to say I'm going to the house in Tahiti and you stay here in the Hollywood hills and let's see if this marriage is going to work out.

Lucky for them it created yearning. Rod has some secrets on making his third marriage a true charm.

They've been married for six years. Not too shabby. They have a 2- and a 7-year-old together. They got through the sometimes tough infant years. But some massive fight turned into a sort of trial separation. Romantic Rod kept a photo of Penny at his bedside during the whole time they were broken up so he could see her when he went to bed and as soon as he woke up. What a sweetie. Rod, being the perfectly aging rocker that he is, also took the time to find a little ditty about him missing his wife and covered Tom Waits' Picture In a Frame for his new album Time. The lyrics? "I love you baby and I always will. Ever since I put your picture In a frame."

Hey, whatever works. At least we're not looking at another divorce here for Mr. Stewart. He also gives some deep marriage advice -- aside from keeping photos close and covering love songs.

My relationship rule is, 'Don't argue after a glass of wine — leave debating until the morning.' I have always loved women, won some, lost some, but it's not about the magic touch, it's about being a better person and a good listener.


Rod also dropped some other nuggets of wisdom like you should never rush into marriage and not to get married before 30. Take the advice that works for you, of course.

What do you think of Rod's relationship advice? Have you ever had a short separation only to rekindle your love?


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They did not split during their marriage, there was no huge fight and it wasn't Penny that walked out on him, here is the quote from Stewart's interview with Music Week: "when Penny and I first met she was living at my house and we had a little bad period. She was living in the guest house because I was fragile at that time. She reminded me the other day, 'You remember when you said that we should split for a while, but you said, 'Can you put a picture in a frame over there so I'll always have a reminder of you.' That song is exactly what happened to us."

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