Rolling Your Eyes at Your Husband Is a Quick Way to Get Divorced

eye rollThere are a few things in the world that men can almost universally be expected to respond in the same way to. Most like sports. Most like food (be it vegan or steak), and most really truly hate it when you roll your eyes at them. I mean they REALLY hate it.

This discussion on CafeMom delves into the reasons so many men absolutely flip their lids when their wives roll their eyes at them. And wow. Yeah. It's intense. The thing is, I am not really an eye roller myself, so I wasn't sure how my husband felt about it.

I asked him hypothetically how he would feel if I did so, and his response was vehement: "I would be furious." How furious? "I would probably not want to talk to you for a while. It's just incredibly disrespectful."

That is the issue, of course. For many men, respect is a huge, huge issue. Women also get offended, but not to the same degree and, quite frankly, the eye rolling is a much more female issue than a male one.

If a man thinks an idea is stupid, he will very often just come right out and say it. A woman will often be passive. And condescending. Both of which are way, way worse. Especially to a man.

"It makes me want to back hand her," said one friend who will remain anonymous. To my knowledge he has never hit his wife and never would, but the act of her disrespecting his ideas and acting like a haughty teen is enough to make him consider violence.

There is something incredibly rude about it. I have to admit that a woman who treated me that way wouldn't be my friend very long. I tend to respond in a male way to most issues. I like to confront issues head on, and if I disagree with something, I usually say it.

I am with the guys on this one, ladies. It's a bad, incredibly rude habit. If you have an opinion, spit it out. Otherwise, lock down those eyes and grow up. It's incredibly immature and not how people in love should treat one another.

Do you hate rolled eyes?


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nonmember avatar crystalMP

It doesn't really bother me but I only roll my eyes when my husband says something outragiously, incredibly and astonishingly stupid. I mean it has to be really bad

1Step 1Step

It's not just men.  I can't stand that habit myself.  It's a very passive/aggressive way to disagree - not cool.  If you have a comment, SAY SOMETHING.  My sister in law who lives with us a champion eye roller.  Every time I confront her latest "roll" she backs down.  Everything's "fine" ( :   If you want to disagree then do it - stop the passive/aggressive eye roll PLEASE!!!

Rootbear Rootbear

I have been an eye roller since my early teen years. Now that I'm almost 30 I'm trying to switch it for the stink-eye which I think is much more effective.

SaphireH SaphireH

I do it to all the stupid crap my husband does on a daily basis and he does it to stuff he doesnt want to do to help me out

nonmember avatar blh

Interesting. I'm and eye roller but I'll also just come out and say it if I think something is stupid. Men don't like that either haha. Really, they just want you to agree with whatever stupid idea they have.

nonmember avatar Nikki

No, it doesn't bother me. I would be really concerned if my husband wanted to backhand me or even get upset with me over it. I'm not a major eye roller, and I always tell him what's on my mind, but damn. I can't imagine getting that angry over an eye roll. I found this page after my husband rolled his eyes at me. I laughed because it was such a bad eye roll. He laughed when I told him so.

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