Men Hit on Me a Lot More Often When I'm Ovulating

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FlirtingI'm not used to grabbing the attention of random men. After all, I'm a 47-year-old happily married mother of teens. And while I think I look good for my age, honestly, I'm not all that.

But last week, I hit a trifecta: three men flirting with me all within a few hours. And since I was dressed in my mom uniform, I have to believe it happened because I was ovulating.

Did you know that when women ovulate, we release pheromones called copulins? Being in the presence of copulins has been shown to make a man's testosterone levels rise. And of course, when a man's testosterone levels go up, so does his sexual desire.

First up on that day of all the male attention was the salesman at the department store. I needed to buy a dress shirt for my son and I didn't know anything about boys' dress shirt sizes. A salesman came over to help me and was able to find the right size after asking me various questions.

But our conversation wandered. And the sales guy ended up telling me that he had been married three times and that it wasn't easy to meet women in our area. He lingered a little longer than seemed necessary, but I didn't think too much of it. I was just happy to get a shirt that was 50 percent off the retail price.

My next stop was the drugstore, where I had to drop off a prescription for my daughter. The insurance is under her father's name, so I had to explain to the guy at the pharmacy that I wasn't the insured and that it was my ex-husband, which is why the address was different from mine.

After I gave him my daughter's birthdate, he said, "Oh, you aren't old enough to have a teenager!" I told him that yes, I was. But he didn't stop there. "The two of you must look more like sisters," he said.

I left there thinking the whole encounter was kind of odd.

My last stop of the afternoon was the grocery store. I was waiting at the deli counter for my number to be called when I felt someone move into my personal space. I turned slightly to my right and was surprised to find one of my local police officers, in full uniform, standing there. The place wasn't crowded so there was really no need for him to be that close. I turned to him and said, "I hope I'm not in trouble." He gave me a big smile and said, "No, not unless you did something wrong." And then he continued on with some small talk, standing close enough to me to plant a big smacker on my lips.

I was driving home from my errands, pondering what had just happened. Three men in a row acting strangely around me. Flirting! And it suddenly hit me. I was ovulating. My scent was out there. And they (unconsciously) knew it.

I thought I would put my theory to the test, so I went home and sidled up to my husband. I just stood there, having a normal conversation with him.

Within a few minutes, we were up the stairs and having a little afternoon delight. Theory proven! Mystery solved.

Have you received unusual male attention while you were ovulating?


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nonmember avatar Faith

I most likely have and just didn't ever pay attention. Now I know when to get attention from my husband ;-)

Candace L Scott

When I was in the early stages of pregnancy, I had a day like that, I do think it's the pheromones.

RoseL... RoseLiMom

i think it has more to do with you honestly. I find that if my mind is focused on not presenting myself as avilable that men dont approach me. thats just my honest opinion

chips... chipsnhow

No matter how I look when Im ovulating I get hit on, realized it when I was a teenager.

tuffy... tuffymama

It is a scientific fact that ovulating women not only have a higher concentration of alluring pheromones in their personal scent, but they are actually more attractive. Wrinkles plump, cheeks flush, lip color intensifies, and facial edges soften, lending a more youthful appearance. Some women actually carry their bodies differently when moving and walking whilst at their most fertile. Science is pretty cool.

MsLin... MsLinneyMinnie

ms cullen ur an idiot if it took u until age 47 to recognize common sense & biology

Stacia Aflague

Wow rude much mslinneyminnie

nonmember avatar Phanes

Started ovulating yesterday, I got hit on soooooo much today (and in general being looked at like a piece of meet). It's uncanny ...

nonmember avatar Ana Carmen

Strippers also get more tips when they are ovulating...

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