A Good Husband Is Willing to Buy His Wife Tampons

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tampon buying husbandThere comes a moment in every relationship or marriage in which the woman is out of tampons and the man is on his way to the store. What happens next is anybody's guess, but in my opinion, it will (and should) make or break the relationship.

The only right response from a man in this case is: "Sure, honey. What brand and absorbency?" Anything resembling being grossed out, horrified, or humiliated is grounds for a breakup. For real. If he wants to be an adult male, in love with an adult woman, then sometimes he is going to have to buy feminine products for his lady. That's love.

This discussion is currently happening on CafeMom, and most of the women seem to agree with me. Their husbands buy tampons from time to time and it's really no big deal. But I have heard different things from women in the past.

Some women say their husbands are too embarrassed to buy them. I will say that very early on in our relationship, when my husband was young and immature, he made jokes about it. He did it, but he was clearly not into the idea. As he has matured, he has gotten used to it.

It's like anything else in marriage -- holding a woman's purse while she shops, having sex on her period, or getting her pickles at 3 a.m. when she is pregnant. You just accept these things if you are a grownup man married to a grownup woman.

Now granted, this isn't something I ask every time. Mostly I get them myself. But it has come up and he has done it. Because he is a good husband.

Besides, a man buying tampons CLEARLY knows his way around a lady's parts, right? I mean, I don't ask just anyone to buy feminine products. I ask my partner. In other words, a man buying tampons is obviously getting laid. He should be proud, not embarrassed.

In fact, most women would be impressed that a man is willing to do so, and if a man makes fun of him, well, it's obvious he is in the minority. Personally, if I were a dude, I might buy tampons just to pick up women (OK, I am joking. Mostly). But seriously? In what other aisle would you find so many women? And in what other aisle would you have the opportunity to prove what an enlightened man you are?

It says: "I am comfortable with my own sexuality. How YOU doing?" That's hot, man.

Does your husband ever buy feminine products for you?

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nonmember avatar Ashley217

This article brought back memories of my dear husband shopping for me 2 days after our daughter was born. He got me a new bra (none of mine fit anymore), nipple cream, and those awful jumbo maxi pads. Poor guy. But he did it with a smile :)

MrsRo... MrsRoberts413

Bottom line: real men will buy tampons for their women.  If women have to go buy condoms to go over a guy's penis, men should have to go buy tampons for their women's vaginas! 

nonmember avatar Madeline

I don't equate "testing masculinity" with a show of love. I don't understand the entire; "If you love me you would buy me tampons/ take me to see Twilight/ role play 50 Shades of Grey." Some women get so wrapped up in "testing" they're signification other that they forget to appreciate the person they are with.

nonmember avatar kristi

I would never ask my husband to do something that would make him uncomfortable just because "it's something he should do" I am adult enough to know when my period is coming (you know...every month)thus making sure I am prepared. I guess that is a courtesy I bestow upon my husband?

Freedom Warner-Gorris

My dad bought my mom tampons one time, he never did it again. Once my mom found out how horribly teased he got on top of all the hurtful teasing he got every other day at work he did not buy them anymore alone I always went with him after that. You see my dad was hard of hearing and that one time he bought tampons the teasing got really bad after that. It is hard to grow up and see your dad come home from work every day on the verge of tears. It is pure hell.

Madam... MadameGarlic

My husband does it for me and our two daughters. He never batted an eye when I asked. What a great guy, I say.

linzemae linzemae

I would never ask my husband to buy me some. Im picky and he would probably come home with the wrong kind anyway

nonmember avatar kat

My boyfriend would totally be willing to buy them; I'm just incredibly picky about what brand and size and shape, so I make sure to stock up when I'm not on my period.

Vegeta Vegeta

I'd buy them. But no way in hell I'm boning when she's bleeding. That's disgusting.

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