7 Legitimate Reasons Why Guys Actually Want to Get Married

Your wedding day. It's probably one of the most special, incredible, magical days in a person's life. Well, let me rephrase that last part to "... in a woman's life."

Yes, there are always exceptions, but women for the most part, seem way more into the wedding thing and even the idea of getting married, than men do. That's not a slight, just an observation.

When a woman tells her girlfriends she's getting married, it's usually followed by high-pitched squeals, lots of jumping up and down, and 20 or 30 minutes of hugging.

When a guy tells his buds he's getting married, more often than not, the first thing they ask him is, "Is she pregnant?" That's quickly followed up with a "Then why are you getting married?"

Good question. Why do guys want to get married?

Forgetting certain circumstances like knocking up your girlfriend, wanting her money, or keeping her from getting deported (does that even work anymore?), there are actually a number of legitimate reasons guys want to get married these days. No, really! Here's a look at 7 of them.

1. Life is just infinitely better when you can share all those special moments with someone else.

2. Guys want to be taken care of. Yes, men love to put on a tough, macho exterior but in reality, we all become huge babies when we get sick or hurt ourselves. Having a little Florence Nightingale around to kiss our boo-boos is pretty reassuring.

3. We hate cooking dinner and doing the laundry. While there is nothing I can write now that won't attract a few hundred nasty comments to this post, I will add that I'm not saying women should do this or be forced to do it. But there are gender stereotypes for a reason. My wife and I split up household chores. She's infinitely better at cooking and the laundry so she handles that, while I do my share of handyman type things around the house, not that I'm very good at them, mind you. Plus, I know if a spider rears its ugly head anywhere in our house, I'm the one that's going to send it packing.

4. We need to protect someone. Just as some women love having a "knight in shining armor" to protect them from all the badness in this world, men just like doing the protecting. It's the caveman gene in us.

5. Doesn't matter if it's at first site, in an elevator, or blind. Once a guy's been bitten by the "love bug," he can't stop thinking about that special woman in his life. Suddenly he wants to spend every waking moment with her. Once it gets to the point that he literally aches inside when she's gone, that's when he knows the only way to stop that feeling is to dump her or get married.

6. It's tough to beat a "sure thing." Yep, there may be lots of jokes about long-married couples never having sex, but regardless, guys see marriage as finally scoring the perfect, er, "score" card. No need to go out on the prowl, not when you've got a willing sexual partner lying right beside you every night.

7. Marriage is the first step towards a family. It's in all of our genes to procreate, which probably explains the drive many of us have to get married and have kids. Sadly, it doesn't always work out that way in the end, but at the start, that picture-perfect future of a house, picket fence, two kids, and a dog can be very appealing to lots of guys.

Why do you think guys get married?

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miche... micheledo

Mine married me because he found someone he loved and didn't want to live without. That works for me! :D

Amy Shaffer

we're not all that different after all , now are we ?

amnew... amnewlon8982

Mine was young and convinced he was never getting married or having kids. I had a daughter from a previous relationship and we are now pregnant with our third. He met the right one for him and the same for me. I met the right one. We couldn't imagine not being together. He's five years younger than me but it works.

Johnny Buller

Marriage is the first step toward divorce. Divorce is to be avoided like the plague.

MammaSam MammaSam

Was this really written by a man? Lol.

Melan... MelanieJK

Women are a big part of the postering that men do in their interactions with each other.    They don't just compete for sex.    Getting a woman,   defending a woman,   having a family,  bringing home the bacon for the family etc.  are a big part of how they define their worth to each other and themselves.   

 One of the observations of modern culture is that empowerment of women to not need (or want) them will turn men into lone wolves that won't participate in the social structure that maintains control and keeps us working together.     In other words,   men not tethered by the "ball and chain" will become unproductive  trouble makers.     

Brain... BrainyMommy

But, of course, so many in our country believe that a man could only want this stuff if he's interested in marrying a woman because these same reasons couldn't apply to men who want to marry other men. Sad. Very sad.

nonmember avatar D.K.

Opinionated tripe that's not backed up by fact doesn't advance the cause of romance in this day and age. I for one do not call 50 percent (give or take) divorce rates a sign of any "sure thing". The truth is that most people have become jaded disillusioned misanthropes such as myself and that means that fewer and fewer people will match up to anybody's already impossibly high standards of potential romantic partners. If I were you, I'd just start investing in sperm banks and interplanetary colonization because they're the only ways that the human species will survive.

nonmember avatar Jean Fulk

My husband just informed me on he married me 1. For sex and 2 for companionship and I've failed both. Wow. He can't tell me he loves me. Do I stay or do I go appears to be my next decision.

nonmember avatar Karina

I like this, at the end of the day, men are no different from women, just better actors. Both genders need each other to complete the equation.

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