5 Ways You Can Have Sexier Sex Just by Using Your iPhone

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Ohmibod iPhone vibratorSince most moms, including me, use a smartphone to help keep them organized and connected, why not use it for other important things too?

Like sex.

No, I'm not talking about putting it on vibrate and sticking it in your pocket. There are actual a myriad ways you can use your phone to improve your love life.

1. Learn new positions

No need to scour the sex section at your local bookstore. Snatch up an app, like Kamasutra Sex Positions, and you'll get all sorts of interesting sex positions right at your fingertips. Just make sure your phone has a password lock!

2. Read erotic romance

Who needs to lug around the paperback copy of 50 Shades of Grey when you can pop it on the Kindle app right on your phone? You can get everything from short stories to full novels so you can read them wherever you are, whenever the mood strikes you. 

3. Plug in your vibrator

The OhMiBod vibrator actually plugs into your iPod or iPhone and vibrates to the beat of your music. Just load up some sexy songs and you'll be on your way.

4. Do your kegels

We all know kegels can help you have better orgasms, but who can remember to do them? The Kegel Camp app will actually send reminders to you so you never forget to do your daily squeezes.

5. Send sexts, safely

As much as the SnapChat app is questionably for the teen set, it's a fun way for you to send sexy videos to your partner or spouse. As you may have heard, they disappear forever after 10 seconds. And if someone tries to take a screenshot, you're notified. 

6. Watch a sexy movie

While you won't find truly racy movies, I use the Amazon Instant Video App all the time to watch some of my favorite "softer" sexy movies. Is it just me, or does the end of Pride and Prejudice get you every time too?

Do you use your smartphone for help in the bedroom?

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nonmember avatar Melissa

My husband and I send sexy messages and I will send him sexy pictures. It really DOES add to the romance! He works long hours and is away a lot. This keeps is connected. Sometimes it is easier to say certain things in a message versus saying it aloud, if you know what I mean!

Tony Briganja

Sex games are a very affordable way to add spice, variety and fun to your lovemaking. Couples who have fun together develop a deeper bond and desire to be around one another more frequently. Making sex fun as well as pleasurable keeps things interesting, deepens intimacy and heightens pleasure for both partners. MORE AT -- http://tinyurl.com/a3pklqa

nonmember avatar stephanie

i give him some b4 i go to work and text him sex stuff like licken his ball or riding his long dick when i get home

nonmember avatar kingsley jeff

i love this website, cus it enlite those who r sexually naived.

nonmember avatar Sloth

Recently Snapchat has been discovered to keep a duplicate file of every video taken. They said it's not open to public, but that also means it's not 'deleted forever'

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