10 Hot '50 Shades of Grey' Quotes That Will Make You Fall in Love All Over Again (PHOTOS)

woman's leg with red silk sheetsLove it or loathe it, Fifty Shades of Grey has made a lasting impression on many women's sex lives. And even if we finished the book months ago, there are various quotes that when read instantly bring us back to the first time we read the naughtiest excerpts. Yeah, the right quote has a way of really getting our imaginations going.

So, what are we waiting for? Without further ado, 10 of the sexiest "sound bites" from the steamy series ...

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nonmember avatar Madeline

Sorry most of these sound down right creepy and overly possessive. If a guy said these to me I would run to the hills. If you really want to melt check out Emily Dickinson or Alfred Lord Tennyson. Who am I kidding I've pulled more romantic quotes from Batman comics than this.

TeamT... TeamTARDIS

The first quote is obviously false. And the rest are either recycled from other authors or creepily possessive. Find another novel to obsess about because this one has had more than its fair share of time in the sun.

nonmember avatar heather

these "books" are the poorest excuse for literature that I have ever seen. and these quotes arent cute or sexy, its creepy.

Julie Winkler

Stupid and creepy. I tried to read the books but could not get past the poor writing/plot line. Sure some of the descriptions were 'hot' but that could not carry an entire book for me. Ana is so stupid letting herself get used. What makes the book more annoying is how much attention it's still getting. I really wish the Stir would stop wrtting about it, with near daily movie speculation and random 50 shades compariosons...make it stop already!

mdolav mdolav

...Mado dado

Debbie Rocco

Seriously? These would make me run from someone not fall in love...

nonmember avatar Britt

I love it! Some people need to use their imagination and noone can tell me they don't have fantasies. You can't knock others fantasies or fetishes...maybe yours are just too boring and closed minded. To each its own.. I personally loved the book it gives you fun ideas to spice it up and let loose. Some people sound so uptight..if you don't like the book keep it moving and don't waste your time reading the articles... everyone's happy

nonmember avatar Elijah

This isn't one of those books where they don't end up together or don't have a
happily ever after, this is one book i will never forget.

When you start having no contact at all with him, this will let him to begin missing
you. Now, romance novels feature strong heroines and complex plot twists that
really make the readers think, feel, and be in the story.

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