14 Ways Guys Can Tell She's 'Wife Material'

Most guys have a type. Whether it's blond or brunette, petite or curvy, sporty or sophisticated, men go after their type, swoop in, and hope to score.

Granted, for some guys, their type is pretty much any woman who will actually have a conversation with them. But that's an article for another day...

The thing is, guys are pretty clear about the kind of woman they want to date, but at some point they'll meet "the one." She may not even be their usual type at first, which could actually be the cause for the insatiable fascination and infatuation.

And just as women have ways to tell he's husband material, guys can do the same in choosing someone to marry. So here are 14 ways to tell she's wife material.

  1. She doesn't smother you. She knows you have friends and need your "guy time." What's more, she happy that you go out and have fun with your buds.
  2. Girls just wanna have fun. She's able to let her hair down and just have a good time. But...
  3. ...she's also responsible. She's not a non-stop party girl.
  4. She's a great cook and enjoys it. There's a lot of truth behind that whole "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" line.
  5. She puts up with your crap. Guys do a lot of stupid things. Apparently it's in our genes. (Or is that jeans?) Rather than just bail or call it quits, she tolerates some of the more idiotic things you do. But then again...
  6. She's not a door mat. She may let you get away with something once or twice, but she'll most definitely let you know she's not happy about it. 
  7. She's self-confident. Nothing, as in nothing, is sexier on a woman than self-confidence. Which reminds me of another good point.
  8. She's sexy. Hey, guys are 95 percent visual creatures, so if just looking at your huge... tracts of land helps him stand at attention, that's a good thing. 
  9. She'll watch Die Hard with you. Granted, you'll probably have to suck it up and see some Renee Zellweger flick, but compromise is the strongest pillar in any marriage.
  10. She's good with money. Good at making money is even better, but it's great if she can keep her eye on the checkbook and make educated purchasing decisions. Somebody has too, right? 
  11. She has a sense of humor. Whether she's cracking jokes or laughing it up at yours, she definitely knows that, as Oscar Wilde put it, "Life is too important to be taken seriously."
  12. She puts Florence Nightingale to shame. When you're home sick, she'll race over with a container of chicken soup. She'll cover you with blankets, prop your head up with pillows, and rent your favorite movies. She'll do everything she can to nurse you back to health.
  13. She has goals. Doesn't matter if it's career goals, life goals, or wanting to climb Mount Everest, she has dreams and isn't afraid to go after them.
  14. She makes you a better person. She makes you want to do more, be more. When you're with her, you really work at becoming a better man all around.

What do you think makes a woman wife material?

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Coles... Coles_mom

I'm screwed. My husband just recently left me. I have three little kids and mountains of debt. No chance of ever finding love again. No one will want this sack of fat crap. :( Yes, feeling sorry fot myself. I went to church this morning and felt lonelier than I'd ever felt watching men with their arms around their wives.

Heath... Heathp721

I feel your pain. Debt free (except car and school loans) but have two small kids and definitely don't have the fun outlook or body I had before them. Not to mention I have a job (police officer) that either scares guys away or makes them think of me as a fetish screw they need to check off their bucket list. Lol

Death... Deathlilly

I'm all of that and still single with 2 kids; explain that >:/

nonmember avatar barnbrown

well, according to this, looks like i'll never be married. forever a baby momma. oh well =|

Kency09 Kency09

I agree with y'all. This list just makes me feel bad :(

rayra... rayraycoops

This author's posts are always really stupid. He writes articles about men, women, and kids that are always really shitty stereotypes. You're a real douchebag, Andrew Kardon.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

You would get on so well with my husband.

nonmember avatar Madeline

Everyone has a different idea of wife or husband material. Just because some "Daddy Blogger" makes a list of wife material, doesn't mean you will die alone with cats. I'm amazing wife material because of my love of 70s explotation films, I'm a great gaming co-op partner, I make a mean stir fry and I have a very impressive action figure collection.

nonmember avatar blue

Wow, the comments are freaking depressing. So sad :(

Autum... Autumnleaves87

This article is stupid. And the author always says the most ridiculous stereotypes. Typical man.

By the way Andrew. Your title is wrong. It should be 14 "ways" guys can tell she's wife material.


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