14 Ways You Can Tell He's 'Husband Material'

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wedding bandsOne of my closest friends' relationship is still relatively new, but she already has a feeling about this one. Most likely because the guy has qualities that make him primo, grade-A husband material. Qualities that anyone might notice and say, "Wow, what a mensch!" but that one lucky woman recognizes as reasons to marry the man!

In an effort to nail those reasons down, our friends at YourTango actually surveyed mental health professionals about what actually makes a man husband material. While the ability to communicate, honesty, and reliability came out as top traits, and those make perfect sense, there are many of other characteristics that make a guy a keeper. Without further ado ...

  1. He's supportive no matter what. Whether you're struggling with your career or health or any other personal challenge, we all want a man who is going to be encouraging, stick by our sides, and want to support us financially, emotionally, etc. even when he would have no need to.
  2. He's loyal. Obviously someone who would never cheat or sell you out, but also ... 
  3. ... not a mama's boy. No one wants to spend a lifetime with a man who will repeatedly put his mom before you.
  4. But he's not disrespectful of his mom. YourTangoExpert Jennifer Elizabeth Masters warns, "If a man is disrespectful of his mother, he will disrespect you. If he does not get along with his mother, he is a bad risk."
  5. He's family-oriented. Even if you don't necessarily want to have kids, you probably want to marry a guy you can build a home and a life with. And who prioritizes togetherness with loved ones. Every time I see how important it is to be close with his family, I'm reminded what a wonderful husband my fiance will be.
  6. He's patient. File a guy with a hair-trigger temper under "do not want."
  7. He would drop what he's doing to help little old ladies or children or anyone in need cross the street. Self-explanatory.
  8. He's fun to be around. Life's short, but also too long to be bored by your partner.
  9. He's sexy. It never hurts to find your man irresistibly attractive.
  10. He's flexible. Some people are just naturally more stubborn, but a marriage is a two-way street, so he's gotta be willing to compromise.
  11. He's compassionate. Being able to sympathize and empathize with others proves he's got a huge heart.
  12. He's intellectually curious. Gotta love a man who never wants to stop learning. Keeps the conversation flowing and life exciting!
  13. He's motivated and strong. Conviction, drive, passion, etc. isn't just hot but it'll help him push through life's adversities.
  14. He helps you tackle your to-do list without being asked. He'll take your little fluffy lap dog out for a walk or go get your car's oil changed, just to make your life less stressful. 

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What are some other traits do you think make a guy husband material?



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nonmember avatar Shiree

My man recommended we get an ice cream machine. I say for what... He says "think about it". He's willing to help me in wedding planning in a lot of ways too and not get annoyed. His mom is a BIG mother hen. She should be worried about her 18 yr old daughter who wants to move out with her free car, not so much her hard working college son who is almost husband-ish. :)

LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

Lol, my husband is very "exy" As a matter of fact, his exes bother me all the time.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

My boyfriend is all of these and more! Can't wait to turn him into my husband! (eventually)

zombi... zombiemommy916

My husband and I have been together 20 years, married for five and I can honestly say that it took him a loooong time to make this list..but I saw the potential, put in a lot of hard work and he's proven himself many times over...I just wanted to put this out there...if your man is ALL of these things from the start, congratulations! But...if he's missing a few, it doesn't mean he's not marriage-worthy...some things are deal breakers, but don't give up on him too quickly! A fantastic marriage is hard work, it wouldn't be worth it if it wasn't!!

river... riverlife89

Top one i think, if he dont get along with his mother run for the hills. My ex husband use to cuse his momma something fierce, took me a while to realize it wasnt cause hes momma was bad to him, but because he was a spoiled rotten mommas boy that threw a tantrum if she even looked at him wrong. Figured it out when he started treating me the same way right after we said i do.

nonmember avatar LordK

Only pathetic POS losers 'nice guys' would have any of these traits lol, which then makes it impossible for such wussy girly boys to be #9. A sure way for a man to reduce his sex life and permanently shrink his balls is to be a 'husband'. REAL men don't marry, don't commit, and we get laid lots more. Deny it all you want but vast most ya keep coming to us assholes lol.

nonmember avatar KA

@LordK - You are an idiot and any girl, not woman, but girl, that wants to be with you is ALSO an idiot. A woman can take a lot, but when the a**hole comes out she's not going to put up with your crap & you're gonna be kicked to the curb. No self-respecting woman has time for little boys & their little games.

Cindy Rogers

My man is all of the above list and more.  But guess what!  He will never marry me (oh you don't have to worry about divorcing your husband that you've been separated from for over a year - no reason!) or even have us live together (don't worry, when you're 62 you can qualify for senior housing, then you'll have your own place to live!).  So it's 2 or 3 days a week over at his house and a couple of phone calls a week.  Shit, I should have read the fine print.

wendyme wendyme

I don't agree with 'respecting his Mom' comment.  What if his Mom is a selfish, lying loser who mostly just saw her son as someone to use & was rarely ever 'there' for him when he needed it?  In short, not someone to respect.  In this case a man who keeps her at a distance, but doesn't engage in conflict with her, would be the wiser man who I would choose to be in a marriage with.  

Leslie Mercer

Avoid "charming" guys like the plague or if they flatter you lots at the beginning of your relationship. Avoid Rand Sibet.

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