6 Signs Your Marriage Is Rock Solid

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strong marriageWe talk a lot here about marriages that end and marriages that go bad. We talk about cheating and lying and all kinds of crappy things that men do to women and women do right back to men. But it's not all bad.

Some marriages are actually rock solid. I would say the grand majority of the marriages I see on any given day are strong and the two people are committed both to each other and to their children. Do I sound overly optimistic? I'm not. I understand things can go bad. I have seen many, many bad marriages. But I have also seen a whole lot of great ones. I asked around and came up with 6 signs your marriage is actually rock solid. Here they are:

  1. He is the first person you want to call when you have good news: I can't imagine ever wanting to talk to anyone more than my husband when I get a promotion or a raise or a good review or something sweet from a friend. He is it. He is my best friend and my favorite confidant.
  2. Your idea of a "date night" involves him and the couch: If just spending time together alone sounds dreamy to you, no matter what you are doing, you are probably still in love and probably in a great marriage.
  3. signs marriage is solidYou fantasize about a weekend alone with him: A lot of women can't wait to get AWAY from their man. If you still salivate at the idea of alone time with no kids bugging you and unrestricted access to his nether regions, then yes. I am thinking you are still pretty solid.
  4. He still makes you laugh more than anyone: I will say until the day I die that the key to a good marriage is laughter. You must also want to see one another naked, but laugh a lot first. It makes everything all better. Promise.
  5. Even though you have been together forever, the smell of his neck is still amazing: Yup, you are still in love.
  6. When he is away, you still curl up on your side of the bed: You miss him in the bed and would not dream of taking his spot.

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What signs let you know you are still in love?



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JennLinn JennLinn

Little kisses throughout the day & always before leaving each other.

nikol... nikolita87

Wow, even though my husband and I argued last night, this list made me feel pretty damn good :)

nonmember avatar NoWay

My hubby and I are still "newlyweds", but we have been together for years. We still talk on the phone almost every day during the workday (on lunch break, etc) and end every conversation with "I love you" and actually mean it. :) We don't part ways without a goodbye kiss. We hug and hold hands all the time. Yeah ... we're "gross" ... LOL :)

Sarah B Freeman

After 14 years and 5 kids, we're 6 for 6. Love this man!


Amanda Charaba

When he leaves in the morning and our little ones climb in our bed i always make them sleep on daddy's side


nonmember avatar carmon

All of those are the things we do every day.we like to record our fav shows and movies or play video games. Whwn we tell the kids its mommy and daddys time the kids know its bedtime and we spend our alone time til 11pm. We always make time to just sit and chat with together every night. And I always kiss his neck when we go to bed just so I can smell him. I have friends who think its weird but they are single.

lisa57 lisa57

My husband and I don't always kiss before we part ways (mostly so he can go to work, etc...usually because he or we are in a hurry to go where we need to go) but we do most of the time. We say "i love you" to each other (and we both actually mean it) alot that it's disgusting (and some people find public affection gross but they don't know love like ours.) We have a little girl together and our second little girl I'm due with her this month. So with having one soon to be two kids and my husband and I are still in love, and with ALL the sh*t we've been through together, I can poudly say that our realtionship is rock solid!

Jessica Laughter Bruce

It's all the little things that matter the most. Little kisses on the back of the neck, a touch as they walk by, little notes in the lunch boxes, a lap dance every now and then (even if you aren't good at it, lol), having fun, and never going to bed angry ;) I love my husband more and more each day because I fall in love with him all over again...each day :D

Heidi Flores

I agree but #6 I actually lay kinda side ways and sleep on his pillow with most of my body across the bed....but the rest-spot on! OH and 22 years and 4 kids so I think we are solid!

nonmember avatar Lisa

Me and Hawk have been together for 30 years, 2 kids, 9 dogs,18 cars,1 house, 25 moves and 2 continents. Have we always had a perfect marriage, ummmm NO, would I want to spend the rest of my life with anyone else....hell no! Marriage is tough, sometimes you may not "like" your husband/wife, but you can still love them with all your heart and soul. We do all the above and more, add praying together to the list!!!

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