20 Small Things Husbands Should Do to Show Their Love

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Remember when you were first dating? Your boyfriend would write you poems, shower you with gifts, toss non-stop compliments your way. And then eventually, you get married and all that gets tossed out the window.

Yes, being married for years and years can take its toll. Routines set in and you can quickly forget all about the little things you used to do for each other. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Guys, just because you've already "gotten the girl," doesn't mean you should stop showing her the affection and attention she deserves. And I don't just mean firing up the popcorn and watching one of the most romantic movies ever with your wife.

Life is truly in the details, so stick to them. Show your wife how much you love her not by buying her a huge diamond ring or a new car (though I'm sure she'd love those), but by constantly reminding her how much she means to you.

It doesn't take a whole lot of effort or even a ton of money. There are plenty of small things you can do regularly to show your soul mate just how incredibly wonderful they are. In fact, here's 20 ways you can show it!

  1. Gift her a song from iTunes. It doesn't even have to be a romantic song, just any song you know she'll like. 
  2. Randomly text her a sweet message.
  3. Send her flowers on a non-holiday. Just because.
  4. Play hooky from work (or take a really long lunch break) to meet your wife somewhere for lunch. It doesn't have to be the Four Seasons; it could be something as simple as Subway.
  5. Let her sleep in while you get the kids ready for school.
  6. Tell her to go relax on the couch after dinner, while you do the dishes.
  7. Write "I love you" on the steamy bathroom mirror after you've taken a shower in the morning. 
  8. Be creative! Write a poem, draw a picture, record a song. Just do something that taps into your artistic side.
  9. Before you leave for work, leave a small love note on the steering wheel of your wife's car.
  10. Send a short but sweet greeting card for no other reason than to say, "I love you."
  11. Run a hot bath for your wife and insist that she go relax in the tub for at least 30 minutes uninterrupted. 
  12. Before going to bed, make sure her cell phone is charging.
  13. Have her coffee or tea ready in the morning. 
  14. When she's in the shower, toss your wife's towel in the dryer for a few minutes to warm up. When she's done, personally hand it to her.
  15. Listen. Truly listen to her.
  16. Take her car to work one day and fill it up with gas.
  17. Compliment her hair, outfit, makeup, etc. Pick one, and mean it.
  18. Make the bed.
  19. Pick out a fun recipe, do the grocery shopping, and then cook dinner together.
  20. Simply say, "I love you." Often.

What small gestures does your husband do to keep the romance alive?

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amnew... amnewlon8982

I am a stay at home mom with an 8 yr old daughter, 22 month old daughter and we have another child on the way. After working a few hours this morning my husband took my youngest to see his parents and I got to spend some uninterrupted time alone with my eldest which doesn't happen that often because of school AMD little sis always being around. They are both great children but understandably my eldest misses having alone time with me so even though all we did was watch a movie, play catch in the driveway and work on laundry, we had a blast. And in return, my husband knows what a great mood I am in and will show him my gratitude after the kids are down for the night.

nonmember avatar ohbaby

Wow, I bet you feel like Prince Charming when you offer to take care of the dishes once in a while....you Casanova, you.

zombi... zombiemommy916

I have to admit, I'm pretty damn lucky...my husband (we've been together 20yrs, married for five and have three children) says "I love you" all day, is an amazing provider which allows me to be a sahm, is a devoted hands-on dad, and is vacuuming as I type...God, I love this man...

Truel... Truelove77


foot Rub

takes care of me when sick

does the laundry

Buys me things I need like tampons my husband is the best I do things for him to :)

hello... hellokd87

Mine already does all those things & way more. When I was working he would leave love notes in my lunch bag just about everyday & he'll surprise me with cute stuff he knows I like whenever he goes to the store.

nonmember avatar Eleanor

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nonmember avatar david

I love doing all of those things and more for my wife, only problem is over the last few years she decided that is not what married people do and further she decided there is no reason for her to show any affection towards me. Lastly, normal men do not need nor want their wife to write a short note, get them a little gift, or a card. To set the record straight before some negative people make an assumption I did something to cause the change,I do not drink, I do not go hang out with my buddies frequently, I have always been faithful to her, and I have never been abusive, violent, or controlling.

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