5 Secrets It's Totally OK to Keep From Your Husband

husband secretsMy husband and I generally have the kind of relationship in which there are no secrets. I tend to tell him everything and he (I think) does the same with me. And yet, I do think that in marriages, there ARE some things that are best left secret.

I can't say I am the best at this (I tend to just blurt whatever I think, whether it's hurtful or not), but there are some things husbands just don't need to know. Like the fact that you think his best friend is hot or that you really dislike his mom.

Some things are better left unsaid in any capacity. So ladies, shhhhh. Here are five things NOT to say to your husband. These are five secrets we should all keep (if we have them). See below:

  1. Your ex had a bigger penis than he does: Under no circumstances does your husband ever need to know this in any way, shape, or form. If asked, smile and lie. Seriously. Lie.
  2. You kissed a guy at your bachelorette party: I know brides who did this and felt horrible, but went through with the marriage and now want to come clean. Um, don't. Are you insane? If it meant nothing and you never plan to do it again, why rock the boat? Why upset him with it? Zip it, lady!
  3. You kissed a guy on girls' night: Cheating on your marriage is bad. But if a woman drunkenly kisses someone else, immediately feels awful, and never does anything like that again (see above), is that really worth ruining a marriage over? I say no. I say keep it zipped.
  4. You are really attracted to his brother: Look, if you loved one of the boys in the family, it's totally plausible that you would find the other one attractive as well. This is OK. Telling him? Is not.
  5. You hate his mother: The reality is, you married her son. You have to deal with her. This is also true if you hate his best friend or his sister. Just suck it up and know you don't have to ALWAYS hang with them.

What secrets do you keep from your man?


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SaphireH SaphireH

Only secrets i keep are birthday/xmas/ anniversary surprises or if i want to do something random that i dont want him knowing about until we do it

nonmember avatar Gina

How about don't lie too your husband ever. If you kiss someone else, you're cheating, come clean. And don't pretend you like someone, even your MIL, if you don't. It's rude and will.cause more problems than it solves. Idiot.

nonmember avatar bostonmama

I'm with SaphireH on this one. Not telling your husband the things you listed is just wrong especially if you're out kissing other men whether it meant something or not. How can you build a trusting relationship? My husband and I tell each other everything minus the occasions when there's a surprise involved.

lobus lobus

I agree with the penis one and the brother one. Ive been attracted to a couple of my ex's brothers but I never said anything. I wouldnt doubt that my husband finds my sister attractive but I dont want to know it. The kissing stuff however I dont think so. Kissing is cheating and if he had done that to me I would want to know. Ive been out very drunk before without hubby and never came close to kissing someone else. If it happened cause you were drunk then explain that, but at least explain it.

kelly... kelly24019

Seriously? It's ok to go around kissing dudes? Wtf is wrong with you...

Rhodin Rhodin

The password to my Spiral Knights account.

Jacobet Jacobet

Wow I am surprised. I would be furious if my husband kissed another girl and didn't tell me.

nonmember avatar ha ha

...yeah and if you think he hasn't slammed his hog into a tighter v_____a than yours you too may be clueless...but unlike most women he would never go around telling his friends about that let alone tell you about it.

nonmember avatar blh

Ha ha you're an idiot. Men tell their friends every excruciating embarassing detail about their sex lives. EVERYTHING.

nonmember avatar amanda

While I don't agree with cheating, ever. Ever! If you are happily married, and you kissed a man during your bachelorette party years back - you have no right removing the guilt you feel at the mercy of your husband's feelings. You know that you will never do that again, or have never done that since. Live with the guilt. Its the price you need to pay for doing that to someone you love. You don't get to dump off the guilt to make yourself feel better, only to cause your loved one pain. That being said, if you're a cheating wife (beyond your scandalous bachelorette kiss) - tell him. He deserves better.

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