The One Thing Guys Totally Fear Most in a Relationship


For guys, there are three pivotal moments in any relationship. Moments that aren't just huge milestones, but ones that fill us with absolute terror.

One of course, is marriage. I'm not talking about the wedding itself or the "till death do us part" thing. I mean the proposing. See, even if we've talked about it for years, and absolutely know you're going to say, "yes," there's still that eensy teensy chance we could be rejected that gets our foreheads sweating like mad. Yeah, we're weird like that.

The second scariest moment would be the first time a guy tells his girl he loves her. Those three simple words completely turn any relationship on its side. Nothing will ever be the same again. It might be good, it might be bad. But it'll never be the same again.

The third scariest moment, however, is the biggest. It's the one guys absolutely fear the most. 

Girls know guys are pigs. Guys know that girls know this. And yet, when we first meet, we always try to put on our best manners, say the right things and refrain from any rude bodily sounds.

At some point, though, something has to give. Whether it's in a crowded movie theater, cuddling on the couch, or at a special romantic dinner for two, at some point, every guy does it. He lets his guard down and lets slip the end of the innocence.

He lets one rip. He toots. Cracks a rat. Breaks wind. Cuts the cheese. In other words, he farts.

Yes, sirree, a guy's entire life flashes before his eyes (as the smell wafts past his nose), the very first time he passes gas in front of his girlfriend. The next 10 seconds are easily the longest in his entire life. And why not, your girlfriend's reaction can be anything!

Thousands of scenarios and questions race through our mind in those agonizing and embarrassing 10 seconds.

Will she be disgusted or offended? Will she scream, "That's soooo gross!" and storm out? Or maybe she'll laugh her ass off. Heck, she might even say, "Thank God! I've been holding this in all night," and let one rip herself. Okay, maybe not that last one.

Every couple is different, as is every reaction. Most scenarios will likely include some giggling, reddening of the face and quickly moving the conversation on. And slowly, ever so slowly, a guy will continue to "unwind" in front of his girl until his gas passing borders on harassment.

But before that initial moment, us guys do our best to hold everything in. And let me tell ya, it's painful! Guys bodies are made up of 70% water and 146% gas. If we don't let that gas out at regular intervals, our insides may very well burst out of our chests like a baby alien with a mad-on for Sigourney Weaver.

Curious why we run to the bathroom so much during dinner? Or when we have to go "check something in the car" when we're supposed to be spending time together? Yeah, there's nothing going on. We just need to release the pressure inside our balloon of a stomach.

And ladies, if we look like we're in pain trying to answer a deep question of yours, it has nothing to do with avoiding commitment. If you think we're suddenly growing distant in the middle of a date, trust me, it's not you.

We're just trying to make sure everything works out alright in the end.

Do you remember your husband's first toot?

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youth... youthfulsoul

Uh ya. He was sleeping on e couch with his legs across me and farted more or less into my thigh. I screamed "ewwww!" And he woke up. I don't remember his reaction or whether or not he was embarrassed. Haha

purpl... purpledaffodil

He said "You want to know what my grandfather always told me?" and let it rip......I thought I was going to die laughing. What a way to break the ice!

nonmember avatar guest

after over two yrs, it happened last week, oddly enough. he did it all day. i didn't say anything at first, cuz i don't care, but by like, the 5th time, i laughed and said, "when did you become such a pig?" and he just replied, "uhhhh, today." that was that. lol

Robert Vincelette

In high school one of my fellow students was late to the homeroom with a medical excuse. The night before he was in a restaurent with his parents and a couple of table away a man and a woman were having a quarrel over some trivial terpitude of etiquett. She ejaculated, "You're uncouth!"

He responded, "How dare you call such a harmless thing uncouth. If you think that's uncouth, let me show you something that's really uncouth." He threw his knees high into the air, took out a match, lit it, and helt the flame just over his fundament, and ventelated his bowels with vapours that ignited into a purple and orange mushroom of fire that ascended to the celiling like a mineature nuclear bomb going off. She let out a scream and fainted, going out like a light and falling to the floor. The uproar of excessively chivilirous Don Giovannis endeavouring to wear their testicles on their sleeves because she had a "hot" pulchritudenous appearance and they aspired to date her caused my high school friend to go into such a viloent and sustained laughing fit that his parents had to take him to the emergency room to have him sedated.

nonmember avatar American Expat

Nah...I only have one fear in a relationship. She'll one day realizes how disgustingly ugly I really am...

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