12 Gross Things a Husband Should NEVER Do in Front of His Wife

12 gross things men doWe all know the 5 things no woman should ever do in front of her husband. Some of you agree with the stuff, some don't, but I still haven't dropped a deuce around my man and I never will. Of course, I am not the ONLY one who has to check myself around my hubster.

He also has some bad habits I would much rather he keep in private. I also know he isn't alone. Most of the gross things my husband does are things all men do.

I asked around from friends, and ladies, some of the things our husbands are doing are so foul. I mean, seriously? What. The. Hell. Boys, c'mon!

Anyway, we want them to stop doing these things in front of us, pronto.

12 things no man should do in front of his wife

I am sure there are women out there who don't mind, but people have different tastes and, in general, if you want to keep things hot between the sheets, it's best to keep THESE nasty habits in check. Check out all 12 of the things men should not do in front of their wives below and then tell us:

Would you mind if your man did any of these 12 things in front of you?


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Laine... Lainey0468

I TOTALLY agree!!!  My husband is really doing some gross things and wonders why I won't have sex with him????  NASTY!!!

nonmember avatar Shiree

I don't mind my man's bad habits. He's a man. Let him be one. I've also been around men more than women so those habits aren't gross. My man finds it weird I keep the bathroom door open for any reason, but that's him. He also likes to beat my loud burps if I do it loud by accident.

nonmember avatar April

my husband only farts around me. He doesn't spit, and I've never seen him pick his nose. He will poop around me, but I will usually leave the bathroom. He can pee in the shower only if I am not in it with him. I don't care if he pees alone, but if I'm in there with him, he better wait until I get out!

fave82 fave82

Omg the spit!!!! What is up with that!? I also agree with the pee, EW. Lucky for me that after 7 years with my husband i have never ever heard him fart. Its amazing! And Im 99% sure he won't poop with me in the house!

lovem... lovemyson1224

Lol... My husband and I don't have any dont's. I get it that people do but I could care less if he craps in front of me.


Agree to all...and the list was a Hoot!

mandy... mandysue88

This list makes me laugh cause I thought I was the only one utterly discussted with lugis or spit. That scene on titanic where they spit off the ship yha I fast forward cause the sound of him spitting makes me gag. Lol my hubby does it just to make fun of the face I make when I hear him hocking a lugi. Gross weird but I'd rather wipe his ass for him then see him or hear him spit. Lmfao

Happy... Happydad73

This comes from the same women who will pick their weggies, cover their faces with cucumber goop, put on the most offensive smelling nail polish and burp in front of their husbands. But hey, I guess we are suppose to count our selves honored just to be in their pesence, huh?

Todd Vrancic

What?  If a guy poops, you don't want him to wipe if you're around?  What are you doing watching him poop anyway?  If anyone poops, they'd better clean themselves after, amirite?

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