Erase Your Hated Ex From Memory With This Mom's Genius Trick (PHOTOS)

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PhotoShopSome folks ruin pictures. Not because they’re not photogenic, but because you hate them. Especially the ones who take your relationship south and drag you through an emotional cesspool of bitterness and despair. Yeah, them.

OK, not every breakup is that dramatic. Sometimes the dude just dangles on your last nerve and you know, without a slivery shadow of a doubt, that you can’t bear to be with him anymore. But you’ve taken some really, really good shots together—you looking skinny in your string bikini in Acapulco, you looking adorable outside the Rita’s Water Ice in the Village, you radiant in your PJs on Christmas morning three years ago—and it seems such a shame to crop them into individual shots because sometimes people you actually like are also in them, too. 

So what’s a girl to do? Reddit user and graphic designer CreativeLady has a solution. Earlier this week, she posted a finished project produced at the request of a client who wanted to erase any trace of her son's ex-wife from a family photo. (Ouch.)

One of the people in the picture had unfortunately passed away, and rather than destroying it because of the unbearable sight of the dreaded ex, she enlisted the help of CreativeLady’s creative genius, who used Photoshop to do this:

Pret-ty impressive! It was a reverse Where’s Waldo? challenge, but I see what she did. To make it look more authentic, she added in some crossed arms and gave the lady up front a beer to hold instead of the ex-daughter-in-law's arm.

Too bad Photoshop is expensive as hell, huh? There would never be a reason to rip a snapshot into bits or turn a person’s face into a sinister-looking pirate caricature ever again. But then, there’s a little bit of fun in that, too. Tee-hee. 

What do you do with mementos of your ex after the breakup?

Image via erix!/Flickr

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Rebecca White

I always check out this website for photoshop tutorials - - they have some easy to follow advice laid out clearly and some amazing effects

Christina Marie Jayne

My bf did this for his cousin when her poppy passed away. He had an easier time with his picture though.

Jaime Swift Sundin

Ya this world is nothing but childish morons, come on even i have to deal with my husbands ex but i am not about to stoop to a childs level and erase her from a picture to just be spiteful.

Abby.... Abby.N.Amys.Mom

Horrible photoshopping skills.  Is it just me or does the guy now have 3 nipples?

Caitlin Laurette

Abby your screen must be really dirty.

Avarah Avarah

PaintShop Pro does everything the casual user needs for less than $80. We're on...uh, I think 13 now and I've been using it since version 4.  It's an amazing graphics program for the money.

Samantha Marie

i burn w.e reminds me of them

nonmember avatar anonguest

In my sisternlaws family, they always put the inlaws on the ends, "just in case"....

MamaM... MamaMay007

Who needs photoshop when you can use The Gimp.  Free is awesome.

kisse... kisses5050

I am sorry but you can't erase history... it is disrespectful. Photographs are supouse to preserve a moment in time. When you go back and change that you are turning and revising the past to suit your own agenda and this is the height of hubris and ego. just put the photos in a drawer and move on.

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