8 Embarrassing AutoCorrects That Just Can't Be Good for Your Marriage (PHOTOS)


Marriage is tough. There's tons of compromise, understanding, and acceptance. But yes, it's all worth it in the end. 

So why, oh why, does your iPhone sometimes seem to want to send you straight to Divorce Court? Thanks to the wonders of AutoCorrect, many husbands and wives put their marriage at risk each time they send each other a simple text or email.

Not scared of a silly little smartphone? Well, take a look at these 8 ridiculous AutoCorrects between husband and wife that are beyond hysterical... mainly because it happened to another couple.

What's the craziest thing you've accidentally sent your significant other thanks to AutoCorrect?


Images via Damn You AutoCorrect

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jalaz77 jalaz77

Haha! Those are pretty funny!!

youth... youthfulsoul

I'm crying, I laughed so hard.

nonmember avatar Heidi

Lololololol. Laughing so hard. That was awesome

nonmember avatar Karen

Lmao!! Sent my husband a text after I finally got a dock for my work computer that said "hey Honey aren't you happy I finally got a dick at work!"

irish... irishmama1007

ROFL! I can't stop laughing.


Ohh wow they are too funny😂

Amanda Ames

auto correct adds extra letters? for example the word me has only 2 letter but it corrected it with a word with 3? not to mention you would think that the word me would be a very commonly used word and cant imagine it being automatically corrected. Maybe I am wrong but seems like these may have been fabricated a bit.

Amanda Ames

as if the word men is used more then the word me. come on


Cassy Loewen

@Amanda Ames.... The N is very close to the space bar. I have caught myself with some bad autocorrects because I missed the space bar by a nano of a hair, and I hadhit the N or B button. So its very possible the ME turned into MEN because of trying to hit SPACE.

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