7 Ways to Feel Sexier That Have Nothing to Do With Sex

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7 ways to make yourself feel sexierAs a sex book author, moms often ask me how they can feel sexier, which they somehow think means lube and sex toys and weird bedroom contraptions.

On the contrary, feeling sexier has little to do with the act of sex and more about taking time to care for yourself physically and emotionally. Here are 7 easy ways to make that happen that you might not have thought about.

1. Get a wax: No, not necessarily a Brazilian wax, or even your lover's initials shaved into your pubic hair. Just a little attention to your nethers, whether it's by you or a paid professional, can make you feel great.

2. Exercise: As much as I dread going for a run or doing a workout DVD, I can pretty much say that I feel so much better after I do it 100% of the time. Gotta love those endorphins.

3. Go for a bra fitting: While this might cost you a bit of money, it's so worth getting a professional bra fitting. It can make you look thinner (if that's something you're interested in) and can make your girls look perkier.

4. Have a blow-out: I always feel great when I leave the hair salon, so why not get that feeling more often. It doesn't cost that much to go in and get your hair washed and blown-out. A small price to pay for looking great, even if it's just for a couple of days.

5. Buy new shoes: Now I'm not talking about a new pair of Crocs or running shoes, but you don't have to go splurge on crazy stilettos you'll never wear either. Sometimes just a nice, new pair of stylish shoes can change your whole outlook.

6. Put on some make-up: There's just something about a little bit of blush, a lot of mascara, and a bright lip that makes me feel put together, like I can tackle anything. And to me, power is sexy.

7. Accessorize: Throw on a pretty scarf, pop in some earrings, or pull out that fabulous necklace you've been saving for a special occasion. I always feel fantastic when I've got a little bling on, and I won't lie: the compliments I get don't hurt.

What sexy things do you do for yourself that have nothing to do with sex?


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nonmember avatar cmt

I paint my nails a bright or deep shade of red. Wear yoga pants (obviously not anywhere professional). To go along with your exercise one, I find sometimes eating healthy foods, especially fruits, makes me feel good about my health, and therefore my looks.

Cel7777 Cel7777

Want to feel sexier? Have more sex. Psychologically  and physiologically it is quite effective :-)

bretsnag bretsnag

Well, you know you're a mom when you see "have a blow out" and immediately think about poopy diapers...

MabFae MabFae

bretsnag - I was thinking a car tire! I guess I just don't do "sexy"

Tarot Tarot

The only one I can see myself doing is 2, but that's for health reasons and not to feel sexy by drawing attention to myself.

Scarlett Rose Valdez

Sorry, "ta lot of mascara" isn't sexy. When it comes to makeup, less is more. It's meant to enhance your features. I have full lips, so I wear a plumping gloss to add a little oomph, without looking overdone. A touch of blush to slim my face, and just enough mascara to lengthen my short, choppy lashes. If I want to draw a little extra attention to my baby blues, I add just a thin line of eyeliner (aka shadow and an angle brush).

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