Woman Gets VERY Excited on Live TV: What's Her Sexy Secret?

Brace yourselves. I'm about to show you something crazy -- and you're probably going to get a little jealous, so just be prepared. Orgasms. You've heard of those, right? Well, we have video footage of a sex expert who can have an orgasm just by using her mind.

I told you you'd be jealous.

And get this -- she does this on LIVE TELEVISION.

Our friends over at TMZ have the video footage. You NEED to see this.

Click to see Chick Has Orgasm On LIVE TV With Joy Behar!

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eupeptic eupeptic

Sadly the maturity level of the guys there is about on par with 3rd grade boys (and I'm speaking as a guy). I do like the comment by the woman at the end, though.

And what she's doing is similar to tantric sex. It uses spiritual "energy" (which is simply a precise way of manipulating physical matter using our thoughts alone; Life in the World Unseen [linked to a Google search for it as you can download it for free] by Anthony Borgia gives many examples of this in the spirit world) to cause her to experience pleasure and/or have an orgasm. I've experienced quite a bit of spiritual energy over the past 7 years (once I decided to start pursuing knowledge in spiritual subjects and read many books written by mediums and psychics). Anyone can become more spiritual if they choose to, and doing so makes it more likely that you will be able to have such experiences as well.

Mhistina Mhistina

This was on the show "Strange Sex" and they did a MRI on the lady who teaches the technique and it show her brain react as if she is having an orgasm. 

tuffy... tuffymama

I've seen women who believed or claimed they were giving themselves orgasms with their minds. Once monitored in MRI with all vitals recorded, it turns out that these women are merely deluded or play acting. Personally, I think the heavy breathing and fantasy thing works them up, and maybe they have never experienced real orgasm to know any better.

nonmember avatar FM

It can happen. It happened to me. Unfortunately I was taking a assessment test for a CSR job & I had a orgasm while trying to improve my test score. I was stressed, anxious while sitting at the test computer and the next thing I knew-I orgasmed. As far as I know.. I didn't make a sound or anything. I surprisingly did well enough on the retest to pass it. Orgasms of the mind, connected with the body, CAN happen

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