10 Things Sure to Make Him Fall in Love With You

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couple huggingA lot of women find it pretty easy to figure out if the guy they are seeing is The One. Some of us know by the middle of the first date. He wants kids. Check. He loves his career but says family comes first. Check. He has all of his teeth. Check. But for guys, figuring out if a woman has long-term potential can be a complicated process. Sure, there are red flags that send them running (like the lady who tattooed a guy's name to her face hours after meeting him), but for the most part, it's subtle behaviors that help you evolve from Miss Right Now to Mrs. Right. Take a look at the 10 surefire ways to make a guy fall in love with you.

  1. Maintain a little bit of mystery. He doesn't need to know you wear Spanx and he definitely doesn't need to see you struggle pulling them on. It's like looking behind the curtain in Oz. Some things they just don't want or need to know.
  2. Be an independent woman. Just because you are in a relationship now doesn't mean you have to spend every minute with him. In fact, being a clinger is a real turn-off. Make sure to maintain your own life and do things without him. Allowing him to miss you once in awhile will make getting together that much more exciting.
  3. Make him feel like he's needed. Nothing feels better than being wanted or needed -- and not just in the bedroom. Let him do things for you and feel that he is taking care of you sometimes. This can be as simple as helping you fix something around the apartment or picking you up from the airport.
  4. Kiss chemistry. From a gentle, sensual peck to full on make-out session, there should be sparks. He should crave your lips and vice versa.
  5. Give him an eyeful. A sexy, come-hither look can send shivers down a guy's spine. It also lets him know how much he turns you on, which is a great ego boost.
  6. Ask how his day was and really listen to his answer. Let him know it's not always about you. Give him a chance to vent when he needs it. Don't interrupt or interject, just let him talk. He'll love the fact that you really listen to him.
  7. Be confident. Men love a woman who loves herself. That doesn't mean be vain or self-centered, but rather walk with your head tall and carry yourself as though you know you are a gorgeous, great catch.
  8. Exercise your funny bone. Just as important as sex appeal is a sense of humor. Nothing is cooler than a girl who can crack a joke -- and better yet, take one.
  9. Show your friend potential. Does he feel like he can open up to you? A smart guy knows that a keeper is someone he can confide in and trust with his thoughts and feelings.
  10. Don't overreact to small things. Nothing sends a guy running faster than a drama queen.

What else should be on this list?


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