10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Man

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coupleThink you know everything you need to know about your man? The experts say a great relationship requires really knowing what makes their partner tick. Whether your romance is new or decades long, there are still ways to strengthen your love. All it takes is being aware of crucial bits of information guaranteed to take your connection to another level. Check out the 10 things every woman should know about her man:

  1. What makes him feel needed. Some guys love to fix things while others don't even own a hammer. Take time to figure out what makes him feel helpful and like his presence makes a positive impact in your life.
  2. What really helps him relax. Watching those Law & Order reruns may be your favorite thing to do after work, but don't drag him into it. He needs to unwind too. Encourage him to do what he enjoys during the little downtime he has.
  3. How often he talks to his ex. Yes, they broke up six months ago, but it can be hard to completely let go. You have a right to know and to tell him if it bothers you. Of course it's more complicated if they've had children together. Let him know you understand he needs to have some kind of relationship with her and you are supportive of him.
  4. Whether he's a lefty or a righty. And I don't mean which hand he writes with. It's important to know where he stands on political issues that are important to you. For new loves, this can be a deal breaker, but it doesn't have to be. Look at Mary Matalin and James Carville. For married couples, you will know what topics to avoid when you want a peaceful night.
  5. How to get him to open up. Men need to talk too -- just not as much as we do. Work on getting him to share when he needs to, not when you want him to. He needs to know the conversation can be all about him sometimes.
  6. His turn-ons. Some women never make the first move, but guys love it when you do. If his ears are especially sensitive, why not nibble on them and let him know how desired he is. 
  7. What really gets him down. Whether it's when his favorite team loses or the anniversary of a parent's death, you should know what makes your man sad. You can try to cheer him up or at least know you aren't the reason he is acting so strangely. 
  8. That he wants to be more helpful. It's so easy to complain about all that they don't do. But if they are trying to be more helpful, we should acknowledge that even if they do it wrong. Then find some nice way to show him how to do whatever it is better.
  9. His favorite sports team. I personally hate watching sports but my husband loves it. Really loves it. While it's hard for me to sit through a game, he appreciates the fact I try to at least know when his favorite teams are in the finals. Once, I even surprised him with play-off tickets. That was 10 years ago and he still says it's one of the best gifts he's ever received.
  10. What truly hurts his feelings. And never bring it up.

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What else should be on this list?


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PonyC... PonyChaser

His favorite "little things". He knows that your favorite flower is pink roses, that you love chocolate covered cherries and would kill for a massage and a manicure every month. So every now and then he surprises you with one or all of them. What would he like to be surprised with? Maybe HE'D like a pink rose sometime...

tuffy... tuffymama

Faith, spirituality, region. How he wants to raise, educate, and discipline kids.

tuffy... tuffymama

*religion, dang it.

Karma... KarmaGrant

This list applies to fairly new couples, not the possible decades-together as mentioned early in the article. 

Irv Drobny

women need to know that men are motivated by sex more than any other subject. cooking is good cleaning is great, raising the kids together is a fine idea, but SEX is GREAT!

Mrs.A... Mrs.AdamSarah

People should find and read 'the five love languages' and have each themselves and their husband take the test. Its a great way to bond and figure some of these things out yourselves :)

redK8... redK8blueSt8

I love The Five Love Languages, great suggestion!

I agree with all of these except for #3 unless he and his ex have children together. My man does NOT "need to have some kind of relationship with her", unless it is for the higher purpose of pleasantness for his children he shares with her. Just regular old run of the mill ex-girlfriends though? No reason what so ever to need to keep a relationship with her. Cordial with her sure. Nice, sure. A relationship--no, that ended and is why she's the ex and not the girlfriend.

itsMe... itsMeFred

Seriously!?! How could your romance possibly be "decades long" and you DON'T know this stuff?  

My husband and I have been together for a couple of decades and I've known all of this extremely basic info for...oh....about two decades.

Crystal Dawn Bland

the only thing on that list that my husband and i deal with, is his ex. they have a child together so they have a friendship. other than that, its all new relationship crap on your list. i dont care what sports my husband likes and he knows i dont want to hear about them. and my husband is the talker in our marriage. i could care less about sharing my emotions. and our marriage works that way.

arkan... arkane.com.au

This is so great. I always read articles on what women want or how to please your wife. very refreshing and fun.

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