10 Things Marriage Is ...

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I was perusing Pinterest last night, and came across this image, which had been pinned by one of my friends along with 1700+ other people ... As I often do, when I run across inspirational quotes, I rolled my eyes, threw up in my mouth a little and questioned my taste in friends.

I mean, I love my husband to death, but is that how I would sum up marriage? Snort.

For me, marriage is more like a never ending game of playing make-believe grown ups, but with real bills to pay and people to take care of. Sometimes, it's wonderful and other times it sucks.

Fortunately, many of my friends could relate (not including, of course, the one who pinned that picture to begin with.)

I asked them to finish the sentence "Marriage is ... " and here are some of my favorite answers ...

1. Marriage is... Never having your fair share of the blanket.

2. Marriage is ... Comfortable, like an old pair of leggings with lots and lots of holes.

3. Marriage is ... Stressful, hard and sometimes full of shit. But also fun, exciting and sometimes with orgasms.

4. Marriage is ... A constant battle to maintain the balance between being parents and lovers, friends and co-workers. And NOT for the faint of heart.

5. Marriage is ... Like walking on a tight rope, and when you fall, having a safety net always there to catch you.

6. Marriage is ... Agreeing to raise your MIL's kid for the rest of his life.

7. Marriage is ... An endurance sport. Pace yourself.

8. Marriage is ... Never what you thought or intended it to be. A true test of your adaptability. And patience.

9. Marriage is ... adopting a fully grown son that is occasionally potty trained & hopefully has a job. Sometimes you get sex.

10. Marriage is ... like that nursery rhyme about the little girl with a little curl. When it's good, it's very good. And when it's bad, it's horrid.


What is marriage to you?

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tuffy... tuffymama

For me, marriage is a lot of work with a good payoff. It's also my firm foundation in an increasingly shaky world. I know DH shares the latter sentiment; he told me today. We have a lot of fun together, too, so I guess it's also like sleepover camp with the most fun camper sometimes.

bella... bellacazzate

I can't stand cheese-filled quotes, either... but looking at that presumed "Pin" I found myself wondering Who the hell is Christie Cook? I Googled her and this quote is all that comes up, so I can't even snark any further.

What the fuck? -- DaVinci

Cary Garcia

Marriage IS like sleeping with your best friend every night! It is sharing your life with a soul mate, at times it's difficult and requires patience, a game of give and take on a 50/50 scale, but at the end of the day differences are put aside and the besties talk it over.... Marriage, to me, no matter how stressful, is bliss

Wendy Perkins

I've only been Married for 3 days & can't wait to spend the rest of my life with my HUBBY!!! 

ihave... ihavetwo2

Sex sometimes? Sometimes? We have been married for 4 years and still have sex Atleast 5 times a week if not everyday! We have two kids so occasionally I will be too tired. It's amazing. I get to bang my best friend and spend the rest of our lives together. It's nice...we make sure to take care of all our family needs everyday and then take care of our personal adult needs every night. :)

nonmember avatar Faye

Marriage is...long gone but a way to keep me from having to marry the one I'm stuck with for the next 16 years anyway ...my sons father...boo..lol..

randamda randamda

I am stealing this whole list you're my husbands anniversary card.

nonmember avatar A.M.

marriage is rarely 50/50. It is usually more like 60/40 and occasionally 90/10. But thats the beauty of marriage, when one spouse needs a little extra support there is always someone there to help. It is ever changing and evolving but rarely 50/50.

vulpezz1 vulpezz1

Marriage is...  Doing what's right, versus being right

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