Kristen Stewart Went Out With Robert Pattinson's Best Friend -- Is She Kidding?!

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kristin stewartI don't know how to break this to you guys, but ... Kristen Stewart apparently ... went out for dinner. As in, ate a meal in public. With Robert Pattinson's best friend. At one of Robert Pattinson's favorite restaurants. Oh. My. God. Does the girl have NO SHAME?! 

Even if KStew does consider herself single again, that doesn't mean she gets to STOP considering her ex-boyfriend's feelings overnight. I mean, Rob's best buddy? That's a low blow, girlfriend. I tell you what, I wouldn't be surprised at all to learn that Kristen was wearing Rob's underwear at the time. Trampire, indeed!!

It would be one thing if KStew went out to dinner with Rob's friend AND a whole bunch of other people, like in a big group. Especially if there was a reason, like a mutual friend was having a birthday or some -- wait, what? Ohhhhhh.

Apparently that's exactly what happened. Kristen Stewart went out on the town with Robert Pattinson's pal Marcus Foster, his bandmates Jack Standen, Suzie and CJ for "what appeared to be a birthday celebration for her BFF Scout Taylor Compton at En Sushi in Los Feliz."

Ohhhhhh. Well, that's another kettle of fish entirely. (That IS an expression, right?) Anyway, if Kristen wasn't insensitive-ly moving in on Rob's bro, then she was actually being a super good friend, is what she was doing. Because we all know how uncomfortable and sad it is to hang out with friends you share with your BF post-split. It's just a big bowl of suck.

So, sorry I called you a Trampire, Kristen.

Do you think Kristen Stewart was trying to move in on Robert Pattinson's best friend?


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Sue Landau

why don't the media drop dead their sick

Nanci Wass

1.) Kris and Rob HAVE NOT BORKEN UP.

2.) Tom Sturidge is Rob's best friend, but she and Rob share many friends together including Marcus - remember the video she did for him?

3.) Scout was Kris's friend first, so I'd say that Marcus went to dinner with her, not the other way around.

4.) Did I mention.... ROB & KRIS DID NOT BREAK UP!!!!!! He's working in Australia and she's home taking care of their two dogs.

5.) Are you a MORON?

Heather Bellotti

So what you are saying is that a woman cannot have a dinner with a friend who is a guy? Seeing her with a Rob's friend instantly means that she is on date with him? I mean come on, it's bad enough she had to deal with you guys tearing her down because of what happened with her director and now this. Will you ever just leave her alone and let her live her life?

Heather Showalter

Why is everybody getting mad at her why not the best friend??? He is obviously not too much of a best friend if he goes out with kristen

Deann Potts Miles

They say stomp out bulling right.....well is the press not bulling her....come on trampire that is uncalled for....i say leave her alone and MOVE ON!!!

nonmember avatar Kylie Thomas

The guy that Kristen was with (robs bestfriend) is gay. So nobody needs to be bashing kristen over that. You don't know all the details.

Carol Turgeon Lamprey

leave well enough alone! so she went out with his friends, is that a crime? Oh wait, yes it is, cuz it's a thing called socializing! Who knew? lay off and find something else to do with your time media zombies!

Tricia Cox

so what!!!! that is rob's best friend i am sure his best friend isn't going to do anything to brake a friendship with rob or her, get over this crap a picture does not speak thousands words it is all made up in your mind until you hear it from her mouth!!!! get over your self!

Chantal Hills

In my opinion, everyone needs to get back to reality and mind their own business. There isn't anything important enough for any of us to know about Kristen or Rob. They are people themselves and should have just as much privacy as anyone else who isn't famous. These stupid little blogs that are constantly trash talking all these people, don't you have anything better to do? Then there are the rest of the people who keep believing everything little thing they read or see on tv.....damn, this country should be ashamed of themselves for believing such nonsense. Give Kristen and Robert the privacy and respect they deserve. The only people who have any right to judge them should be their parents and themselves, not any of us. Leave them alone and stop spreading such bullshit about people you don't even personally know

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