8 Things Couples Should Do Every Single Day to Keep the Spark Alive

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Another Valentine's Day has come and gone. And whether you go all out with the flowers, candy and ginormous teddy bears or you simply think it's a huge load of bunk, well, it doesn't really matter now. The day has passed. But the feelings shouldn't.

Know what? Screw Valentine's Day. Cupid can go shove it where the sun don't shine. No, you want to be romantic? You want to get those butterfly feelings in your stomach just like you had on your first date long ago? Good. Then every single day should be your Valentine's Day. Spread the love 365 times a year.

To help you keep that flame burning, here's a list of 8 things couples need to do every single day! This may be one of the cheesiest things I've ever written, but hey, other than lactose-intolerant folks, who doesn't love cheese?

Compliment each other - Whether it's the way they calm the kids down or fix the DVD player or decorate the house, take a moment to praise your significant other for something they've done.

Laugh - Nobody should ever go a complete day without laughing. It truly is the best medicine all around. Share a laugh with your partner at least once a day (and hopefully lots more), even on the worst, most depressing days. Actually, especially on those days.

Say those three words - No, not "pass the salt." Regardless of the fact that you should be watching your sodium intake, what I mean, of course, is "I love you." Go on -- say it to your wife (or husband) every single day. It's a must. Even if you're beyond furious with them for leaving the toilet seat up for the 99th time, you still love them. So say it.

Notice the little things - Could be your wife's new haircut or outfit. Or simply the way your husband takes his coffee. Noticing and remembering the little details in life show your spouse that you really do pay attention to them. More than they think.

Put things in perspective - Whatever you may be upset about or just feeling lukewarm about in terms of your relationship, take a step back. So you need to move; at least you have a loving wife and kids. Maybe money's super tight; at least you're all healthy. In the end, no matter what troubles you're dealing with, just remember you're not in it alone and your family is all that truly matters.

Dream big - The most powerful emotion in the entire universe is hope. Nothing is impossible. (The Cubs will eventually win another World Series. One day.) So dream big and share those dreams with your spouse. Even if they never come true, it's still something worth hoping for.

Share something new - Remember when you first started dating and EVERYTHING was fresh and new -- from details of family history right down to favorite pizza toppings? But after being married for years (or gasp... decades) you may feel there's nothing left to uncover. That's just bull. There's always something new you can share with your spouse. Could be a movie you just watched, a fantastic article you just read (like this one!), or some favorite childhood memories. Share and share alike.

Lock lips - It goes without saying but you should start and end each day exactly the same way. With a gentle kiss on the lips.

What do you and your spouse do daily?

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nonmember avatar Lauren

All of those things! And this is the first relationship (we're engaged) that I can honestly say that about, and the healthiest one I've been in. I was hoping for new ideas but can testify from our experience that it's good advice for others seeking it, and that the honeymoon period is still alive after ten years.

nonmember avatar Michelle

FINALLY, Andrew, you removed your head from your aas and wrote a wonderful story. BRAVO to all of these, AND the notion of celebrating love every day, not just on some lame holiday once a year. Leave the alter ego that wrote those other stories elsewhere....I prefer THIS Andrew :).

Denice Gilson Landry

When my husband constantly does something that irritates me (like leaving the ketchup in the wrong place in the fridge or not wiping his crumbs off the table) and I'm ready to explode I think "is this something I'd miss if he were suddenly gone?". Usually the answer's yes so I chuckle, wipe the table, move the ketchup bottle and go tell him how much I love and appreciate him.

PonyC... PonyChaser

I love all of these. But as a native of Chicago, I must quibble over one point.

The Cubs are never going to win another World Series until they do something about that goat thing. :)

nurse... nursemama88

@Ponychaser my family is half cubs fans and half cards fans...I lean towards the cards. I told my dad and brother if and or when the cubs win the world series I will wear a cubs shirt for a day. I agree tho before that can happen something needs to be done with the goat. ;)

shell3m shell3m

ok, why are people always talking crap about this Author?  I have never seen a story of his that was over the top or offensive to women...I mean really ladies?  wth?

I agree with everything on this list....also to touch them all the time.  For example: if you pass each other in the hall run your fingers down his arm as you pass and smile at him or if you see him standing outside or some where in the house, just go up to him and wrap your arms around him for a quick hug.  It's the little things that matter so much.  :)

in love

Michelle Sawdy

i agree shell3m.Compliment as much as possible to,& help each other around the house so u can spend more quality time.


Manth Manth

One thing my husband and I never forget to say to one another is Thank You.  I thank him when he drops me off at the shopping mall on his way to work so I don't have to walk there (I don't drive for medical reasons).  He thanks me when I put his dinner on the table.  Little things, things that are 'expected' in a marriage often go unremarked and un-noticed.  Saying thank you often says I notice and appreciate what you do.  We've been married 20 years so I guess we're doing something right.

emmy526 emmy526

My dh says 'rubbing each other privates' should be on the list

jmomof6 jmomof6

REALLY? Maybe for some, but I don't see the point. Just my opinion, but I'm very happy looking out for me.Priorities in place and he's around the fourth on the list.  I'm the first two and then the children next.

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