Single Girls Are Renting Boyfriends to Stop Their Parents From Pressuring Them


As Chinese New Year approaches, a new fad is sweeping the country -- and it has nothing to do with snakes. Nope, it seems that ‘rentable boyfriends’ are popping up to fill a big need for single Chinese ladies…

Get your mind out of the gutter! Not that kind of need. What these girls need is for their families to stop pestering them to get married. The Telegraph reports: “"It can be a particularly miserable experience for girls who don’t bring home a boyfriend, leading to endless questions about why they’re not dating and where their life’s going. In this sexist society, ladies over 27 who aren’t hitched are labeled 'leftover women.'”

Unhitched chicks can visit the shopping site TaoBao, where they can rent a boyfriend for about $48 a day. Pay a little extra for an “appropriate kiss” to add authenticity to the charade.

Does anyone else think this is genius? Is there an equivalent for the already-marrieds who are constantly shrugging off questions as to when they’re going to procreate? That might be harder since, you know, they’d expect a baby to show up at some point. But really, what’s with everyone always having an opinion?

There’s all sorts of psychobabble on how you’re supposed to be honest and true to yourself, but I imagine no one that says that has ever had to deal with a Chinese mother of an ‘old maid’ daughter. I don’t blame these ladies a bit for fudging their relationship status to get a little peace at home.

I bet women here could use something like this, especially with Relationship Status Awareness Day (aka Valentine’s Day) around the corner. You could have your fake boyfriend pick you up at the office to ward off meddling coworkers, or post his picture on Facebook to keep your married girlfriends from their pitying ‘you’ll find someone eventually’ comments.  

Besides, who knows? Maybe one of these setups could spark a real romance. The couples would have to spend a little bit of time getting to know each other, just to keep their facts straight. What if they end up liking what they see? Now that would be a great story.

What do you think of this trend? Good idea or bad idea?

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nonmember avatar Sj

Thats strange. Every time I rent a girlfriend I get arrested.

SassB SassB

But the Chinese culture is very different from the US. EVERYTHING is about appearance. This is why every person and company (and their government) have a thin veneer of what they want you to see and think. What you get is often much different.

As such why shouldn't there be rent-a-dudes? It's the only way one can run a "Command Economy" when the substance isn't there and skepticism is the national religion.

nonmember avatar nikolivolkov

This reminds me of the movie wedding date with Dermot Mulroney. Now I need to netflix it.

Hope Crinklaw

I'm not surprised, they had drama's representing this. Except it was about renting a girlfriend for the new year. 租个女友回家过年, but I am surprised to see this as an actual concept. I agree with Sass,While I was staying there it was about what you had and how you appeared to others. Not actually how you were as a person. At least in my actual experiences, this was the case.

tuffy... tuffymama

Oh, China. You are so wack.

tuffy... tuffymama

And that was HILARIOUS, Sj.

nonmember avatar jamie5

This is a strange article considering they have a lot more males under 40 in China because of the one child policy that was in effect for so long. Aren't there like 20% more males in most of their provinces?

DebaLa DebaLa

If that's true jamie5, then it makes total sense, and the women can be more picky. Buyer's market.

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