Sometimes Even Strong Women Need a Man

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holding handsWhen Beyonce announced that her world tour will be called the Mrs. Carter World Tour, it was a little off-putting to many, considering that the iconic diva has built her empire on her own. What happened to embracing "Independent Women" and telling us that girls "run the world"? Still, while I'm annoyed with Beyonce using her married name for her world tour -- because it's just mucking up her girl-power message and identity -- I'd applaud her for relying on Jay-Z for other things in their personal life ...

Yup, even when you consider yourself independent/self-made/the "F-word!" (feminist), there's no shame in leaning on your man for certain things. To even be relieved and oh-so-grateful that you can lean on him in some cases.

For example, this is a biggie for me: Anything that happens to be related to the world of cars -- shopping for one, repairing one, negotiating for either of the aforementioned, etc. I recently had to deal with all of the above, and while I could have been perfectly fine handling it on my own, most of the people I dealt with along the way were more responsive to my fiance. I'm so grateful to him for being there to file an insurance claim for my car that was totaled in Hurricane Sandy, go with me to check out and buy another car, and then help me handle surprise repairs that cropped up a week after buying it (um, yeah).

But then again, he has a long-standing history of having my back in stressful situations. Several years back, during a snowstorm, I nearly avoided spinning out on an icy highway and ending up the seventh car in a six-car pile-up. Terrified, I pulled off into the parking lot of the nearest gas station and refused to drive any further. Of course I was incredibly grateful to have my fiance/then boyfriend come to the rescue.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying women can't handle tough situations like these completely on our own. We can, and we should at times. But unfortunately, the world is still pretty sexist in many ways (car shopping is one of those ways) or scary in others (like when you nearly get into a life-threatening accident). And then there's just everyday stress it's okay to ask our partners to alleviate (like asking them to watch the kids for a few hours so you can have lunch with friends).

In other words, even if you are capable of being Superwoman, it's okay to appreciate a hand from your Superman from time to time. And being able to admit that probably makes us even stronger in the end.

What has your partner helped you with that you're grateful for?

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ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

My hubby deals with my jerk ex husband. My ex treats me like shit and tries to intimidate me. But he's terrified of my hubby since he out weighs my ex by about 60 pounds and has 4 inches on him. Lol...

tuffy... tuffymama

Ahh... I traded up, too, Ruby. LOL.

Girl power is great, but woman power is stronger and can be so much quieter. I don't know why everything has to be polarized with you people. Use common sense. Celebrities shouldn't be your role models. Neithe rebound the politicians who are supposed to be our employees. If you have no role models in life, be your own, and be good enough to be a role model for someone else. *rant over*

I'm thankful that my husband takes my car in for servicing. The mechanics are such nice guys, but they talk. so. much. LOL. Also, he takes lizards, bugs, spiders, and snakes right out of the vicinity for me, without killing them. We live in Florida and it is like Wild Kingdom with the animals down here. He also always takes out the trash so I don't have to touch the big WM bin. He's my prince!

tuffy... tuffymama

*neither should not neithe rebound. Damn thumbs.

PonyC... PonyChaser

Ok, so I have to admit that I think it's a little weird that Beyonce is renaming her tour "Mrs. Carter". Not because it doesn't mean that she's 'weak' now, but because her brand is "Beyonce". It's like Kraft all of a sudden coming out with a product called Joe's Mac and Cheese, and expecting everybody to be able to recognise it as Kraft. It's just bizarre.

Anyway, to the point: Why does a woman have to be without a man in order to prove her strength? That is such a crap line fed to us by the so-called "Feminazis". That's how they got their name... by totally pushing the idea that women can do anything and everything, and men are just so many annoyances to be tolerated.

I'm a strong woman. God knows I've put up with more crap than I ever expected to be handed in this life, and holy cow, I survived it! And I'm still surviving it!! who knew? But you know what? I couldn't have done any of it alone. When my husband was in a near-fatal car wreck that left him permanently disabled? I was left "all alone" to deal with it. But I wasn't. I had friends, family. We never do anything truly alone. And now, going thru a divorce, I have another man who stands by me.

I am stronger with a man that I love by my side. It's just who I am. And I will never be ashamed of it.

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