7 Ways to Say No to Your Partner's Interest In a 'Different' Type of Sex

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no public accessMany of us have a strict back door policy: No entry. Exit only. Anal sex isn't for everyone. Neither is chocolate, but those people are weird. Some love it; others never, ever want to even try it. I'm talking about anal again. Not chocolate. The two should never mix because, well ... oh gosh the VISUAL! But what happens when your partner is knocking on your back door and you don't want to answer. How do you say no?

Well, there are lots of ways to say no to anal sex, but I think I came up with seven of the best responses on how to decline some butt love.

1. Just say "no." Short. Sweet. To the point.

2. Talk extremely dirty about having sex with your vagina. If you mutter the words, "F*ck me in my pu**y, that's where I want you" in your sexiest breathy voice, he'll forget all about entering the back.

3. Tell him his penis is too big. Even if it's not. Men like these types of huge compliments and he'll forget all about penetrating your rear.

4. Give him a blowjob. When he starts asking about anal, go to town down below. Anal what?!

5. Tell him you haven't gone poop in a few days and you're worried about opening the flood gates. Beware as this may be a huge turn-off (oversharing with your partner can be dangerous) and you may never have sex again. But, hey, at least you've dodged the anal bullet.

6. Say you have hemorrhoids. See #5 if you need a why this will work.

7. Tell him you are saving it for marriage. Good incentive to marry you, right? He'll think you're all pure and special. Ha! If you're already married and you told him this before you tied the knot, give him the huge penis compliment and you should be good until the next time he asks.

Have you ever used any of these to say no to anal sex? Have any more to add?


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Nycti... Nyctimene

This is so stupid. Basically this article can be summed up by saying "LIE TO HIM!!!" How about just telling him the truth, you don't want it? And they wonder why so many couples divorce. When they get advice and live their lives like this it's not surprising. They can't even be honest about something as mundane as sex. 

tbruc... tbrucemom

Or maybe you can actually try it. If done right it's actually very pleasurable.  I thought the same way until I tried it with my fiance who is very gentle and knows what to do. Why should your partner be deprived of something that you haven't even given a chance? As far as the married thing, do not do that, it's not right  to deceive your spouse. If you're not married and he wants to do it really bad and you don't, you may need to find someone you're more sexually compatible with. It's not as easy once you're married....

ToolA... ToolArmy066

Exactly tbrucemom

the4m... the4mutts

Tbrucemom- deprived? Lmao! They'll live. If they're immature enough to feel deprived from not getting anal, then they're the one with the problem. And nobody said anything about never trying it. Many women I know have tried it, and it's not their thing.

There is NEVER a reason to give someone something sexually, just because they want it, or you're feeling guilty for "depriving" them. Its our bodies, and we shouldnt ever feel badly for saying NO to ANYTHING.

nonmember avatar Denise

OMG all of you ! stop taking things so seriously. If you don't want it FOR WHATEVER REASON jus say (like I do) "wrong hole honey"and move on. If he loves you then it's no issue. And for gods sake learn how to laugh. I doubt this article was meant to be taken so seriously.

Rebec... Rebecca7708

I'm just going to show this article to my husband. I think he'll get the hint....

work4... work4mickey

Lying is a bad idea. Men will try to find a way around whatever lame excuse you've made up. "I'm backed up." Here is a laxative, we'll try it next time. "Your penis us to big." Well this is awkward, no you get ro hear a list of all his exes who were able to take his "huge" penis up the a$$.

If you object on moral grounds, make that clear and it is not up for discussion.

If there is an emotional reason (perhaps a traumatizing experience), explain that, and it is not up for discussion.

If you are siply woried that it will hurt, start small. Try allowing him to finger you there, but tell him you wont go there this session. oh, and I cannot say how important lube is. I cannot say enough good things about astroglide.

nonmember avatar NoWay

Hmmm ... in my marraige, sex is everything but mundane. :)

the4m... the4mutts

Of course the blog was meant in a joking manner, but when people start commenting about "depriving" their man, something needs to be said. That is the attitude that leads to women feeling guilty for not wanting to do things with their bodies, which is a direct line to women being coerced into having sexual experiences they dont want, which can man a woman feel used, violated, disgusted with herself... not a good road to be telling women they should be traveling.

"Nevermind how you feel about it, your man deserves it!" No. Just, no.

the4m... the4mutts

*can make

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