7 Ways Watching the Super Bowl With Your Spouse Can Save Your Marriage


This weekend marks the happiest and saddest day in most couples' lives. For men, it's the Super Bowl! The climax of a brutal, season-long battle among 32 teams. It's awesome! It's epic! But it's also the end of the season, and with the end of the game comes the start of a long stretch of football-less Sundays. Sniff.

For women in general (those who don't like football), the Super Bowl is another annoying Sunday filled with a ton more beer, nachos, wings, and yelling. But it's also the end of the season, and with the end of the game comes a long stretch of having their husbands back on Sundays.

Yes, the Super Bowl can be a bit stressful in some houses, but it really doesn't have to be. Instead, more couples should watch the game together. Heck, it could even save their marriage! Here are 7 reasons why:

1. Food for Thought - You've heard it before: the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Next to Thanksgiving, there is no bigger eating fest than the Super Bowl. Whip up the greatest snacks ever and he'll be swooning for you over the next eight months!

2. Commercial Success - The commercials are usually a riot, and you don't need to know a thing about football to enjoy them. Think of the bonding you can do with your hubby as you both sit and laugh at the latest way that Pepsi spent $4.8 million!

3. The NFL Rules - I've tried explaining the rules behind football's four downs to my wife and mother on multiple occasions. They both get a glazed look in their eyes and completely ignore me. So during the Super Bowl, let your husband explain the rules of the game, and just this once pretend that you understand. Or at least that you care.

4. Teamwork - Guys are weird. We sit at home in our sweats watching athletes on TV perform crazy moves. Yet we act like we're the ones on the team and get insanely passionate about it. So the Super Bowl's a great time to show your husband some support by rooting for his team and being super bummed when they completely blow it.

5. Show Me the Money - What's the real #1 reason so many people love football? Yeah, it's the gambling. Whether it's a straight bet or one of those funky Super Bowl box pools, there's a good chance you and your hubby could make some serious scratch on the game. If people started betting on which soap opera character would have an affair first, more guys would totally be into soap operas. Trust me.

6. It's Gotta Be the Shoes - Marriage is all about compromise. It's about doing some things for your husband that you normally wouldn't care about, and vice versa. Well, watching the Super Bowl with your husband is basically the equivalent to him driving you all over town on the ultimate shopping spree for shoes, carrying all of your packages, waiting in line for you, etc.

7. Jersey Girl - If it's just the two of you watching the game (send the kids to the grandparents for the night!), you can really "score" some points with the husband by wearing his favorite NFL jersey as you watch the game. And nothing else. Think about it: You're combining his two favorite passions in life: football and you!

Do you like watching the Super Bowl with your husband?

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the4m... the4mutts

I get that this is about taking an interest in your s/o, and showing them that youre willing to try something for them....

But I will just sit here and thank my lucky stars, that my man cant stand watching any sports, just as I'm sure he's thankful that I dont watch what we call "dumbass tv". No reality shows, no Jersey shore, no soap operas.

There would be brutal homicide in my house if he had to watch that crap, or if I had to listen to him talk about "the game" for the next month.

Hooray for intelligent conversation and National Geographic! No homicide in my house.

nonmember avatar Dave

You're going to get some crap for this post, Andrew. Bottom line: women and Europeans should not watch football. Although I can definitely get behind #7.

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